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  1. There is no progress ,, It's gone backwards , Anybody still think there is progress ???
  2. We'll my opinion is different after watching Benteke this season,, not natural at all . In fact benteke looks a very poor player .
  3. Gabby was woefull yesterday ,, but not as bad as Benteke !! But we love him don't we
  4. Win lose or draw, we are in the sh*t
  5. 1600 originally ,, took extra 600 Coaches should arrive around 11.30 -12
  6. 1,900 tickets sold, 300 left ,, come on yu sofa sitters get off your arses lol
  7. Raf as f*ck mate , in fact raffer than that .
  8. I must add that I don't dislike Lambert as a person , just think he is a shite manager
  9. Good points mate ,. So do yu think players go out and not want to win , ,just to undermine the manager ?
  10. I never actually understand the lost dressing room bit , are they not playing for villa ? I dislike lambert ,, but I still give my best for the villa .
  11. Englands women captain is out,, lol
  12. Nooooooooooo. He's the entertainment lol
  13. And we are happy bitches when we win ,, lol
  14. I admire loyals loyalty to lambert , As I said before and before that ,, I dam hope he proves me wrong . If people don't like me criticising him,, tough titty as far as I'm concerned .
  15. Stick lambert in charge of man city now,, they wouldn't win the league ,
  16. Lets blame the wind now,, holy Jesus mother of Mary ,, what next ?
  17. What yu mean I have to pay extra for mine ??? Lol lol
  18. My words were,, oh great messi is coming on !, I was to cold to care by then lol
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