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  1. Are you attending Peever day ?
    No ,, he gave me a warning point for no reason ,, f*ck him lol .. Only kidding . I can't mate as my daughter attends every game with me and she has seen enough of loyal and b6 pissed up to last her a lifetime of memory's, No way can I let her see the rest of yu pissed up arseholes lol lol lol . Have a good day though mate .
  2. I do agree with you but even with my ruthless streak I couldn't drop both as we dont have two strikers than can come in. Its a damn shame we loaned out Grealish as as much as he is unproven he couldn't do any worse and we know he'd give 110%
    Benteke is awfull, should be dropped purely on effort alone ,, saying that he might score 2 on Sunday . What do I know
  3. I agree he should be dropped an If Kozak was fit I think he would be, problem is we've got nobody to replace him that would score, but at the same time he's no good either so maybe dropping him would be the kick up the arse he needs.
    Why did lambert buy Helanius .
  4. 11 games to go------h Norwich,Stoke,Chelski,Fulham,Hull,Saints, (a) combined strength of Manc land!,Palace,Spuds,Swansea, thats 33 points up for grabs,-----cant see much at Sheikh Citeh nor the TOD nor Palace,-when did we last win at WHL? do the Boyz in Claret & Blue want it???----that,s thequestion i ask , dam stupid to offer lambo a new 3 year contract so soon- if all this speculation is to be believed and theres no fire without smoke,---i imagine there,s no reduction in his salary if we should go down---so wtf does it matter to him----personal pride i guess, but i bet the dosh stays the same--- thats what happens when you got people at the top who know diddley squat about football. as that old saying goes------ " it might well get worse before it gets any better folks"------a white knuckle ride till 12th May is my prediction!!!!!!
    Contract talks on hold Freddy ,, even Lerner can't let this go on
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