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  1. That lambert will still be manager next season .
  2. Anybody else feeling a little bit of on the quiet panic setting in ?
  3. Lol,, no I'm in Felixstowe today and tommorow morning ,, would have saved early start tomorrow lol
  4. I can vouch for that !!, pitching problems for sure lol
  5. No it's not ,, it's lamberts fault lol
  6. If this is still an annual event in 2015 ,, I will be there as meg wil be driving then and she can drop me off ,, lol result
  7. Of course mate ,, I was just generalising about Villla park to be honest .
  8. Villa park is a depressing boring place to be at the moment I'm afraid ,, I would rather just go to away games if I'm honest , but of course I will still be there on Sunday . Bored most likely I'm sorry to say .
  9. No ,, he gave me a warning point for no reason ,, f*ck him lol .. Only kidding . I can't mate as my daughter attends every game with me and she has seen enough of loyal and b6 pissed up to last her a lifetime of memory's, No way can I let her see the rest of yu pissed up arseholes lol lol lol . Have a good day though mate .
  10. Benteke is awfull, should be dropped purely on effort alone ,, saying that he might score 2 on Sunday . What do I know
  11. Palace v Villa will be moved for TV coverage .
  12. Bloke next to me threw his pie ,, now I wouldn't waste a pie on the Geordie shitbag cunts !!!
  13. And this will mean what ,, only a 3-1 defeat instead of 4-0 lol
  14. We will never know as no fucker will take him off our hands now .
  15. Contract talks on hold Freddy ,, even Lerner can't let this go on
  16. Norwich, Chelsea ,Stoke at home next 3 games . Oh dear ,, Relagation is more likely than it was last season .. Great progress mr lambert !!,
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