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  1. Just think Palace have got their steam up and we're at a really low point. Unless PL can get some fire in them and drop/sort out Andi W. This are the massive tests that he seems to fail, motivate after a kickin
    He's had plenty of practise lol. I'm sure to stood by some lambert backer at palace !!! I will so Fedup if I am .
  2. isnt hoolahan a winger? if so is he any worse than tonev or n'zoggy who i dont really rate or get the high transfer fee's he went for in the past hes made of glass & is always injured imo,i cant see any high profile signings whilst lerners in charge im afraid but id welcome hoolahan i suppose
    Hoolahan a winger ? Not sure .. But if he was winger zog is 30 times better
  3. well no, the point is that we have no other option other than counter attack football and alot of folks say we need a different option at home cause teams invite us onto them and we cant break them down.... we can play the same football away too but judging by how we play, thats not gonna change as its gettin us results
    Ok,, I've only seen him a few times against villa ,, sorry can't get excited . As allways ,I stand to be shot down when he plays like messi and has 36 assits and 8 goals to his name after 18 home games
  4. if u base it on strengths of our top 3 midfielders so delph for pace, westwood for passing, and kea for anybodys guess. put hoolahan central with westwood in a 4-4-2 for home games with the likes of kozak and benteke up front, there be amassive difference in the home matches i reckon. also passing into space is hoolahans ability which no other player on our team has it regulary to call it a strength. i reckon he be our best midfielder for home games atleast, for counter attack football though u might want someone younger
    Ah right ,, we buy him just for home games ,, Paul , only offer 500k as he's only playing half the games
  5. Is there only me n you who can't believe people are getting excited about signing players like Hoolahsn ?
    Let's ask ,, anybody else getting excited about 33 year old hoolahan ?
  6. FFS guys, listen to yourselves, Hoolahan is not the type of player we need to move forward, he has been in and out of the Norwich team all season and they are worse than us.
    Why ,, he is 33 and playing for a sh*t side . ? Lol
  7. What I meant was that by my calculations that's only his 5th good outing this season....and he'll need to string a good run together if I'm to change my mind about him. Not going to be fickle about it and suddenly start a Benteke love in..he played very well today but needs to be consistent. But very pleased he did because when he tries he's excellent.
    +1 . Spot on mate ,, 1 good game in every 6 is not good enough for a player who looks like he has the ability,, I will stand to be corrected if he does this more often . As everyone knows ,,I will eat as much pie as I need to . LOL
  8. That was more like it, and what a cracking goal from Benteke. And as somebody who has knocked him and the rest i will eat a large slice of humble pie gladly if they do that consistently. That was well worth the soaking i got walking home afterwards.
    He needs to do it more often before I eat another pie lol
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