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  1. He's had plenty of practise lol. I'm sure to stood by some lambert backer at palace !!! I will so Fedup if I am .
  2. Oooooffffffffff. The day I don't have any expectations will be the day I stop going
  3. Unfortunatly it's a massive game now ,, I will put all lambert sh*t aside to back Aston Villa .
  4. 2-1 villa .. No issue ,, but I will still want him out
  5. Hoolahan a winger ? Not sure .. But if he was winger zog is 30 times better
  6. Ok,, I've only seen him a few times against villa ,, sorry can't get excited . As allways ,I stand to be shot down when he plays like messi and has 36 assits and 8 goals to his name after 18 home games
  7. Ah right ,, we buy him just for home games ,, Paul , only offer 500k as he's only playing half the games
  8. Which crop ? 2 and counting ,, blimey Gary looks like we are wrong on this one lol
  9. Compared to who . ? Everyone ? So how many times have you seen young Wes play ?
  10. 1 so far ,,I will keep a tally
  11. Let's ask ,, anybody else getting excited about 33 year old hoolahan ?
  12. Why ,, he is 33 and playing for a sh*t side . ? Lol
  13. Balti pie was good yesterday , Poor substitute though
  14. Food in the holte is worse than other stands ! Why . ?
  15. Not in Ellis lower either yesterday !!!!!, I have sent mail to miss Keyes as I won't be fobbed off with a one game supply !!! Lol
  16. Wee yu booing after 4 minutes mate ? Lol
  17. +1 . Spot on mate ,, 1 good game in every 6 is not good enough for a player who looks like he has the ability,, I will stand to be corrected if he does this more often . As everyone knows ,,I will eat as much pie as I need to . LOL
  18. He needs to do it more often before I eat another pie lol
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