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  1. <p></p><blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Jayemdubbya" data-cid="173407" data-time="1356884947"><p>&lt;blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Rawly1966" data-cid="173249" data-time="1356855924"&gt;&lt;p&gt;<br>

    So I was right 7 lambert signings played today&lt;/p&gt;&lt;/blockquote&gt;<br><br>

    No, you weren't.</p></blockquote><p></p>

    Why ???

  2. <p></p><blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="madrob" data-cid="173348" data-time="1356873504"><p>what worries me is if we do go down........can we bounce straight back up</p></blockquote><p></p>

    Not a chance ,, that's why we must change this now !!!!

  3. He didnt even sign 7 players unless you're counting Guzan who he re-sgined. Vlaar and Westwood didn't even play (two of his six actual signings).

    Guzan - MON

    Lichaj - Youth System

    Lowton - Lambert

    Clark - Youth System

    Herd - Youth System

    Bennet - Lambert

    Holman - McLeish

    Ireland - Lerner made that deal

    Bannan - Youth System

    Weimann - Youth System

    Benteke - Lambert

    KEA - Lambert

    Bowery - Lambert

    Albrighton - Youth System

    Of the 11 starters, only three were Lambert signings. The other two came on after the damage was already done. Lambert inherited more than half of the players who started today. The tactics were his but a majority of the talent isnt. Lerner told AM that he needed to use the youth. These last three matches are proof that OUR own youth cannot carry us. Lerner needs to see that, as well as Lambert.

    The tactics rest on his shoulders. Those were his choices, but with only one healthy CB, its hard to believe that a traditional back four was gonna help us, especially with no DM to protect them.

    So I was right 7 lambert signings played today

  4. I hate to say this but skyba I am joining you in saying that it is lerners fault.

    He holds the purse strings and he is the one who has the final say.

    However, if he comes up trumps in January and spends his easily earnt money then I will et humble pie !!

    7 of lamberts signings on the pitch today ! One of AM , one MON ( I think , it's late ! ) none of them look good enough to me ,,,maybe guzan passes

  5. Only 5 times in our history have the fans had to contemplate relegation.

    Relegation is a massive question for our club but for me its broken down like this.

    Go down but keep Mr Lambert?

    Get rid of Mr Lambert and chance our luck?

    I'm resigned to the fact that Mr Lambert cant save us

    Option 2. Now !!!!!!

  6. I think it's pretty clear that if you don't fit in with PL's plan's then your gone. Most managers would swallow their pride and bring in players that have and can do a job when asked to. My question is. Is PL a power hungry egomaniac? Is his plan, my way,or the byway? We have players who can do a job when asked. ie:- Did Bent deserve to be frozen out when fit? Not his biggest fan, but shouldn't N'zogbia have been given a chance? Youth is fine at times, but even Stevie Wonder could see that "Supa Marc" just doesn't cut it as a top flight player, yet he still gets picked, he's not the only one. PL seems to have lost the plot, Westwood has been one of our best players over the last few games, but gets made a scapegoat against Wigan. Wake up and smell the coffee PL, this is not Norwich where we will be happy with survival. This is AVFC..

    I will be ecstatic with survival !!!!!!!!!!,

  7. We are related and I can confirm your misses is right :hh:/> anyway, I've got a few quid, what d'ya reckon Cyprus, Spain..............although much to my surprise somebody I was told that Cyprus was freezing in the winter.

    Canary islands mate ,,,,sunny all year round ,,mines on feurteventura

  8. Today I am amazed

    At my second factory in Gloucestershire ,, one lad this morning rang to hand in his notice , his reason , didn't like the 6am starts !!!!! He lived 2 miles from site and got a lift of another lad who works for me , he was on benefits before I employed him and I'm sure he will be again next week . My word for him is sponger .

    Even more amazing ,

    I also help run my mate run 2000 acres of farmland in my spare time . Lol

    This morning I have been contacting people I know are out of work as we need 20 -30 land workers for the next 2 months ,,possible earnings 350 -400 per week ,, I have contacted at least 75 this morning ,, one starts tommorow .. 2 will let me know ,, the others mainly said they would lose to much benefit if they went and worked !!! My word for them is spongers

    Oh by the way the lad at the factory was earning take home pay of 350 per week ,

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