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  1. Done it before and I will do it again ! Don't really want too though. Lol
  2. <p></p><blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Jayemdubbya" data-cid="173407" data-time="1356884947"><p>&lt;blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Rawly1966" data-cid="173249" data-time="1356855924"&gt;&lt;p&gt;<br> So I was right 7 lambert signings played today&lt;/p&gt;&lt;/blockquote&gt;<br><br> No, you weren't.</p></blockquote><p></p> Why ???
  3. <p></p><blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="madrob" data-cid="173348" data-time="1356873504"><p>what worries me is if we do go down........can we bounce straight back up</p></blockquote><p></p> Not a chance ,, that's why we must change this now !!!!
  4. So I was right 7 lambert signings played today
  5. 7 of lamberts signings on the pitch today ! One of AM , one MON ( I think , it's late ! ) none of them look good enough to me ,,,maybe guzan passes
  6. He's an idiot ,,, clueless idiot ,,, proved today
  7. I will be ecstatic with survival !!!!!!!!!!,
  8. What is rons injury ?. Calf strain ? Must be close to being ready ?
  9. Not enough bollocks in squad to keep us up this year ,,, and a manager who has no clue on defending ,,, down we go with this man in charge
  10. There are so many for sale in the area at the moment at good knock down prices !
  11. Canary islands mate ,,,,sunny all year round ,,mines on feurteventura
  12. Today I am amazed At my second factory in Gloucestershire ,, one lad this morning rang to hand in his notice , his reason , didn't like the 6am starts !!!!! He lived 2 miles from site and got a lift of another lad who works for me , he was on benefits before I employed him and I'm sure he will be again next week . My word for him is sponger . Even more amazing , I also help run my mate run 2000 acres of farmland in my spare time . Lol This morning I have been contacting people I know are out of work as we need 20 -30 land workers for the next 2 months ,,possible earnings 350 -
  13. More worried about tonight at the moment !! Lol But yes it's a f**cking mess with no way out for a long long time .. I have run my buisness now for ten years and the last 4 have cost me everything I made in the previous 7 ! Somedays I think is it worth it ?
  14. Oh my god Gary ,, you've started him off again lol
  15. Where in holland mate ,,I'm in Eindhoven on Wednesday
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