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  1. Norwich ,, worse off than us ? Don't think so
  2. Anymore + points and we will start looking forward to relagation lol
  3. Allways !!, just searching for it at the moment .
  4. To me it does ,, I backed us to finished 3rd from bottom with reading bottom and Wigan in between ,, I stand to win around 500!!, Lol That aside ,,your right ,, we will have some fun away days in the championship ,and they wil still be called ASTON VILLA
  5. Just hope we don't finish bottom ,, but I have my doubts
  6. Are yu sure ...... Nobody cares !!! Big statement ,,,
  7. Mate ,, it ain't happening ,, no signings , stick with it, we won't go down Lambert out
  8. I saw something in today's performance that gave me some hope of staying up ,,
  9. f*ck,,,, I've just realised something ,, I Allways have 2 weeks in my villa in late July early August ,, allways back on the Wednesday before season starts If we go down ,I miss first game as championship starts a week earlier dosnt it ?
  10. Only if you will join us ,,to explain lamberts plan ,,and how we don't go down ! Oh yu can't ! Thought not
  11. Gibbo ,,, this is spot on mate Anyone who argues is the deluded one
  12. We will lose heavily on sat ,, maybe 3 or 4 What a f**cking shambles !!!!!'!!
  13. More than we miss allbrighton for sure
  14. Big enough to take it rog . Lol ,,, but i am on a diet now lol
  15. Ok,,, honestly rog ,, I know it seems like I moan all the time,, but I am really not a misery guts Think I've said before ,,, I have to be serious for long periods at work ,,so this forum i treat as a bit of light hearted banter
  16. I'm awake mate ,, I know ..I was only on a wind up ,, So you mates with Williams then ?
  17. Name dropping eh ! Very good ,,yes I know who he is thanks ,as snooker is a favourite game of mine zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  18. Compo ??? And that makes you ? as you were in a van on new years eve ? Lol And for your info ,, I only go to beaches where the sunshines
  19. Let's sit back and pretend all is fine and dandy !!!!!,
  20. Almost like 3 new signings !!
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