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  1. And yu believe those 2 !!!! Lol hahhahaha. Belive me mate ,,they should and could have been 3-0 up,,, Different game now at 2-1 though
  2. Joe hart has a problem He really does think he is the best ,,, YU AIN'T joe ,,,
  3. Good positive spin on a bad situation ! Lol
  4. Southampton play good football ,including defending Beat us 5-1 agg
  5. Are you watching it ? Southampton well on top
  6. Apart from Southampton !!, at the moment of course
  7. It is in our hands again now ,, but other teams results are as important !!, surely !
  8. It would have been worse if they all won !!!!!! So yes I did worry about the results today
  9. GD is 14 better ,, really not an issue
  10. Back in our hands mate . Have to win tommorow with citeh and gooners next Still a glimmer if we can win tommorow
  11. Come on Swansea Come on stoke Come on man city Come on Chelsea Lol
  12. In a very strange sort of way ,, I'm looking forward to it !!!
  13. I allways look at that it's difficult for the others in the scrap as well .. That's me being positive. Lol
  14. Oh and I've just bought reading tickets Sorry to go on ,, but we have to keep backing them IMO
  15. And yes I know it's a pile of poo at the moment and I am as down as anyone about it But tommorow I will be there HOLTE ENDERS IN THE SKY and all that
  16. And nobody forget It is still ASTON VILLA ,,, league 1 ,2 ,3 or 4 I started my VIlla carrer in the 3rd division ,, went up , up ,, 86 ,,down ,then up again But still I back them because IT'S STILL ASTON VILLA
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