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  1. First time for everything I AGREE !!!!
  2. Need Norwich and Newcastle to win today Then MON is really in trouble !!!
  3. Didn't say I didn't like em ... Just a bit of fun to lighten the mood of some ! Lol
  4. It was a plastic pitch last time I went there ,, Andy Ritchie done us good and proper
  5. f**cking cold everywhere at moment !!!!
  6. Sap QPR for Wigan ,,and I'm a happy man
  7. If he did it would be the owners fault ,,,,, Wouldn't it Skyba ??
  8. I really hope and pray ,,, sunderland
  9. It's not as if we don't know the fixtures !!
  10. Larry the fixture man strikes again !!!
  11. Wigan must lose to Liverpool , !!! QPR just 4 behind ! f**cking hell ,, I really do fear the worst today
  12. We arnt down yet ,,,,,,, that will do for me I coped with the Bradford fans lol f**cking Swansea were like mad dogs lol
  13. I actually sat on the train on sat afternoon in stunned silence Went to a pub in Covent garden ,, 10 villa fans,, 100Ish Swansea ,,30ish Bradford For the first time since 86 i could not actually argue with the 130ish fans who's sang about us going down ,, Walked dejectly back to hotel ,,thinking we can't get out of this ,, I'm still in that mode now !!, I need some positive vibes from someone ?????
  14. I didn't agree with it .. But if it works ?
  15. Southampton now 3 games clear of us Any 3 from 4 to go down now .
  16. Change of manager seems to have worked ? Good decision ? Le tisssier ,,,, now shut the f*ck up and stick to ss
  17. This could and should have been 5 or 6 -1 by now Dublin and that t**t crooks talk utter bollocks
  18. 3-5. Hopefully So f**cking slow and fat he couldn't get out the way !
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