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  1. And I forecast us getting 3 more points ,, We are staying up !!!!!!
  2. What an absolutely fascinating fact ,,,NOT
  3. Can't see Newcastle ,Sunderland,Norwich ,stoke going down now as allready on 37 points So in my book ,, two horse race it is ! How many points do yu think will keep teams up j
  4. Just driving home,, some classic sh*t playing on heart fm,,, status quo ,, down ,down lol
  5. I think we will get another 4 points . How many will Wigan get ????
  6. I stil don't understand some saying last week ,,,, a valuable point ,,, the 2 points lost that well may send us down more like !
  7. At no point did I blame anyone else !
  8. Anybody familiar with lake Garda ??? Ive just booked a weekend there ,,
  9. Kevin mac having tough time at Swindon,, at this rate may even miss the play offs ,, fans on his back yet ??
  10. Sunderland winning,, they are all over Chelsea ,, Bottom 3 again by 6 pm ??
  11. Permission granted It's going to the last game ,, no doubt
  12. Surely reading and QPR are going to struggle now ? Us, wigan,, Sunderland for the third dropper ?
  13. But this weekend is a difficult one As long as we win ,,I want QPR and reading to win
  14. Totally agree with you on this Couldn't give a f*ck about England ,,win , lose or draw ,,
  15. Serious ,,do you think it's good Clarke got injured ???
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