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  1. When he has decent players around him you will see he is a decent CB, Vincent Kompany would look sh*t at CB with Lowton and Baker next to him
    No he wouldn't . But ok I will see what he is like with Franz Okore next to him ,, which team will this be for mate so I can look out for them ?
  2. a large section of the crowd but i dont think it was all aimed at him but more at the team/manager as a whole, only he and Lowton had the balls to approach the Villa fans
    I left as pen was awarded ,,as I didn't want to be one of them ,, I would have joined in for sure afters today's performance
  3. thing is Guys and Gals, even if we do get a new owner with money it will need mega bucks to drag us from where we are right now, although i think we will survive, next year is gonna be another struggle
    Fine by me as long as lambert fucks off and take some of his shite with him
  4. Rawly, Don't beat around the bush mate, tell us what you honestly think. PL OUT
    Lol . Seriously mate ,, anyone who's didn't see this coming after Bradford last season . Well I won't say what I think . Lambert was clueless from game one at west ham. f*ck off lambert and take vlaar and the rest of your sh*t signing with yu ,, that's all of them by the way
  5. i can see one of the bottom 3 getting more than 35 points its a big big game tomorrow S,land v Cardiff reckon a draw would be best for us---but we got to do it ourselves, and win against Hull next week-------- but this ultra leaky defence against Long and Jelavic!!are the players playing for Lambert? i dont know,!!according to WM the away fans at the end waved the players away!! if true, oh dear oh dear,hopefully we,ll get the story from our travelling members,---on the slide My Lord ---on the slide!!! presently 5th from bottom---that,ll do,no further plllease,18th defeat another miserable EPL record for this current crop and lambert!surely surely Manure will want to do it for Ryan----and smash the Canaries tonight?
    I left as the pen was awarded Freddy ,, the manager and all the players including subs ..oh and the coaches including Sid can go and do one . If they got waved away by the fans who's stayed ,, that's fair enough. The whole thing was embarresing . If any one tells me Ron Vlaar is good , they must be pissed 24/7 . Guzan through to the subs can all f*ck off as far as I'm concerned
  6. If he is good enough, the new manager will like him. Let's be honest, it shouldn't be hard with the Brady bunch we currently have!
    Yur righty there mate ,,, but I've never really seen him play ..
  7. What a crock of crap! There's bad, god knows we've seen it, then there was today. No use bringing your subs on in the 83rd minute. No good the team coming to life for 5 minutes. Lambert deserves all the stick he got today but we have 5 games to play and he's going nowhere - and Villa fans have no-one but themselves to blames for that - so, like it or lump it, we have to back this pathetic excuse for a team and 'dust ourselves off and go again' for another season.
    Why am I to blame ?
  8. i think ive defended PL enough now! 4 games on the trot aint on, i know beneteke is injured but its crystal palace ffs,the thing is i actually think lambert is a good young manager but obviously not for villa no doubt he'l do well with another club sorry paul isnt to be at villa at least yu tried & deserved yor chance managing a big club like villa but time to move on along with lerner
    Never deserved a chance ,, been a hoof manger every club he's been at .
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