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  1. No he wouldn't . But ok I will see what he is like with Franz Okore next to him ,, which team will this be for mate so I can look out for them ?
  2. I left as pen was awarded ,,as I didn't want to be one of them ,, I would have joined in for sure afters today's performance
  3. Fine by me as long as lambert fucks off and take some of his shite with him
  4. I will still go hull, city , spurs . But dear oh dear,,I'm not looking forward to it . Worse season since 86
  5. Lol . Seriously mate ,, anyone who's didn't see this coming after Bradford last season . Well I won't say what I think . Lambert was clueless from game one at west ham. f*ck off lambert and take vlaar and the rest of your sh*t signing with yu ,, that's all of them by the way
  6. I left as the pen was awarded Freddy ,, the manager and all the players including subs ..oh and the coaches including Sid can go and do one . If they got waved away by the fans who's stayed ,, that's fair enough. The whole thing was embarresing . If any one tells me Ron Vlaar is good , they must be pissed 24/7 . Guzan through to the subs can all f*ck off as far as I'm concerned
  7. Well just for Swansea game was my idea lol
  8. I'm not going all the way to that shithole for a draw ,,
  9. Yur righty there mate ,,, but I've never really seen him play ..
  10. The new manager might not like Okore
  11. Never deserved a chance ,, been a hoof manger every club he's been at .
  12. I spend over 4k a year ,, can't even get a CM pie
  13. 2-1 villa and right round of lambert out chants
  14. Never been anything but behind the team have we .
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