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  1. 1 minute ago, avstu said:

    I thought he did OK on the left in his first game.

    Would agree from what we have seen since.

    Although saying that, I havent been impressed by anyone who has come on as a substitute this season

    Whelan has been ok 

  2. 22 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Yes it going to take time but he'll get there. The signs are there already. Whether there is time this season remains to be seen. Massive own goal in my opinion by the new owners not to sack Bruce in the summer and bring Dean Smith in  then.   He would of had pre season with the players and time to implement his style of football. Instead Bruce was kept on to decimate the defence and to mess up the goalkeeping situation. He also bought in Bolasie an El-Ghazi on big wages neither of who seem capable of playing 90 minutes. Only good thing from the summer has been Bruce signing John Mcginn who has been brilliant. 

    El ghazi dosnt seem to be able to play , full stop ,balaban in disguise 

  3. 3 hours ago, villagaz711 said:

    Give me a reason as to why when all was available we went for smith if the owners as they said wanted to make a statement of intent?

    I ain't the owner mate ,you will have to ask them , but an awful lot of people believe this man given time will turn this club around . 

    Who was avaliable ,and more to the point who wanted it ?? 

  4. 18 hours ago, villagaz711 said:

    I've tried looking for a previous post but cant find it  basically I said back in June if we are an ambitious club then we should approach the likes of Benitez or Wenger. If as a club we are happy to stay in the championship and finish around 7/8 with a chance of making playoffs  then Dean Smith was the best option. He definitely wont get us promoted. That's not me being negative just me being truthful. So far i have seen nothing to prove me otherwise. Has anyone else????

    Double seriously ? Holy good lord above 🙈

  5. 20 hours ago, villagaz711 said:

    I wasnt convined before he came and i'm still not convinced. team selection is poor. Today kodjia plays wide instead of Bolasie??? What does this guy need to do to start. With scum in a couple of weeks i fear for us.

    Seriously ? 

  6. 22 hours ago, Patrick said:

    Pensioners in care homes who own a house have to pay for their own care and often have to sell their house to do so even though they have paid  tax and national insurance all their life. 

    Not if they were sensible and locked there assets in a trust fund 

  7. ya see i think thats where we differ, i feel im supporting a person that came from my country and is trying to do us proud. right now the example is the english team and when ppl say they dont support it, coming from ireland it runs alot deeper to support ur country through thick and thin.

    like another example is anne been not happy over keane not standing for the irish anthem and i think rightfully so she should be angry, shes not the only one.

    its a pride thing regardless the sport, its more so to do with where u come from

    What ever ,, people can chose to sing national anthem or not ,, it's their choice . Same for anybody from any country .

  8. its ur country mate, its somethin i feel that u should support regardless what u achieve or what u dont, u should be proud of the history of what has been done over the years.

    for example, i dont watch running that often but when sonia o sullivan won the gold i was over the moon, or even to point out if i was there and she came last i be still cheering her on because she is representing my country and i may not love her but i love my country........

    hes about 150. i surprised he got to the match lol

    I don't actually watch much other football apart from villa mate .. It bores me ,that's the reason I don't support them

  9. i p*ss and moan about ireland but fuking hell whats the craic with you english lol. not supporting ur own country cause they aint good enough ?? should be ashamed of urselves, u have won more than only our small nations can dream about and ur still not happy...

    if i said to another irish lad that i dont support ireland i be lucky to walk away from it unscathed either mentally or physically

    I don't really under stand ,, I was alive when we won the World Cup so I don't support them cos they ain't good enough ?

    I not ashamed to say I don't support England in football at all ,,my plate is full enough with the villa mate ,

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