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  1. El ghazi dosnt seem to be able to play , full stop ,balaban in disguise
  2. I ain't the owner mate ,you will have to ask them , but an awful lot of people believe this man given time will turn this club around . Who was avaliable ,and more to the point who wanted it ??
  3. Double seriously ? Holy good lord above 🙈
  4. No surprise about Brentford , Dean smith is amazing , no idea why he is still at Brentford ?
  5. Not if they were sensible and locked there assets in a trust fund
  6. No probs mate ,, only jesting lol
  7. What ever ,, people can chose to sing national anthem or not ,, it's their choice . Same for anybody from any country .
  8. I don't actually watch much other football apart from villa mate .. It bores me ,that's the reason I don't support them
  9. The whole international things bores me ,,
  10. I don't really under stand ,, I was alive when we won the World Cup so I don't support them cos they ain't good enough ? I not ashamed to say I don't support England in football at all ,,my plate is full enough with the villa mate ,
  11. I have tickets come through my door for every Wembley game ,, in the bin they go
  12. Never have supported England ,,never will , total shite is international football
  13. Why. He's sh*t ,, Great goal Jordan hahhahahahhahahahha
  14. Hahhahaha good point mate , even villa
  15. Roll on X factor ,,, this international football is a load of boring shite
  16. I was on about children in need. ,,, Lol
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