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  1. I agree mate, it's Villa's mess for giving him a highly paid contract, such as the likes of Habib Beye, the fonz etc.
  2. I agree, despite his terrible lack of skill and talent AVFC gave him a contract, so he is probably thinking **ck it let them pay. He is still getting a game for Scotland so he probably isn't too fussed.
  3. probably not mate, just wishful thinking in getting Hutton off our books. If we can rid ourselves of the bomb squad I would like to think we can have some money to properly strengthen the team going forwards
  4. Norwich have rejected Wes Hoolahan transfer request. Let's just get this done, give them Hutton in the deal.
  5. Agree with Dorset, why this guy is suddenly flavour of the month baffles me. Benteke absolutely mullered him last season. Better than roger Johnson though - LOL
  6. "the dressing room has gone" taxi for Lambert.
  7. Alleged £1.5M offer for Wes Hoolahan being advised in the Mirror today.
  8. Agree 100% mate, better to get him fit for Hull and a more realistic possibility of 3 points.
  9. Hi All, I just wanted to clarify. My user name is Bridga74 - this has nothing to do with Brigada1874. My surname is Bridges, nickname has always been Bridga and I was born in 1974.
  10. Professional Job tonight, Tuesday is the tough one. Although Poland getting a point tonight against Montenegro has helped. I also kept an eye on the Scotland v's Belgium game to see CB. Benteke will defo keep Lukaku out, the big man played well and rolled his man a treat to set up goal 2.
  11. Hope so mate! Wigan could be in big trouble if Alcaraz is out for a while, apparently he has been the steadying influence for them in their recent revival (prior to the QPR game).
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