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  1. https://www.not606.com/members/larry-av.1010050/
  2. Yes it going to take time but he'll get there. The signs are there already. Whether there is time this season remains to be seen. Massive own goal in my opinion by the new owners not to sack Bruce in the summer and bring Dean Smith in then. He would of had pre season with the players and time to implement his style of football. Instead Bruce was kept on to decimate the defence and to mess up the goalkeeping situation. He also bought in Bolasie an El-Ghazi on big wages neither of who seem capable of playing 90 minutes. Only good thing from the summer has been Bruce signing John Mcginn who ha
  3. Just as the previous manager was fortunate to inherit players such as kodja , Chester , adomah ect . Dean Smith is inheriting some good players that Bruce didn't have a clue how to use. Treated like sh*t by Bruce I think James Bree will start tomorrow and cement a regular place . If not tomorrow I also expect Lansbury will soon get his chance in the starting line up and O Hare will surely be given a good run of games to prove himself and I am hoping my favorite young player Corey Taylor also gets a chance to show what he can do at some point That was him in the under 23s premi
  4. Yes McCormack was never going to play for Bruce again after the public humiliation over the gate affair when Bruce hung him out to dry. I can see him making every effort to get fully fit now and to challenge for start in the first team. He can score goals and you never forget where the net is.
  5. Don't think we'll see much of Glen Whelan now., but probably more of Scott Hogan scoring goals PS, absolutely delighted with the appointments
  6. Disgusting,, they're not even in Europe , How come Palestine never entered
  7. Yes, and the Royal wedding is Saturday week
  8. Alex McLeish is a terrible appointment, but they had no choice I guess. No one else wanted it. Good start for Ryan giggs at Wales
  9. yes , and good luck to my 2 countries , england and ireland , unfortunately ireland lost. COME ON ENGLAND
  10. Got the Ireland match on the RTE2 channel through the mobdro app on the firestick plugged into the telly as its not on domestic TV. Scott Hogan starts making his debut, Good to see Seamus Coleman back after Nell Taylor nearly crippled him.
  11. England play Holland tonight in Amsterdam. Ireland play turkey at half 5 in Antalya And tomorrow the North of Ireland play South Korea in Belfast
  12. It will probably be the last time they play each other before reunification , when there will be only one football team, Ireland. It's not that long ago that we had East Germany playing football matches against West Germany http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/north-south-united-ireland-reunification-referendum-dup-support-brexit-border-a8077941.html
  13. Still tickets available in all other areas
  14. Yes, especially as the tickets have been on general sale for a fortnight. No booking history required.
  15. That's brilliant for the time of year when many clubs suffer a drop in attendances. Plus it's live on TV , another factor that often means a lower attendance. Will Larry be making an appearance for this one.
  16. no , but what about the last time he was at villa park , i cant remember the score someone else will he at the match Tuesday , I think i can guess who will be sitting with xia
  17. We should win if Prince William is at the match
  18. Exactly corny , Coleman going to Sunderland is mad , although they have dropped so low surely they can only get better ' Won't take long though before they are on his back especially if they go bottom after loosing to us. Which could be one of the reasons O neil has took the Scotland job , He will have a secure job for a few years , doesn't have to do much , doesn't have to put up with the hassle and stress of managing a league club ,, its like a part time job that may suit his family commitments , I think thats why the republic jobs suit martin and roy ,especially martin as he looks after hi
  19. probably , but i never asked that , I would guess he could earn more taking a job at a top championship club or even premier league , although unproven at that level with the job he done at northern ireland i would of thought he would of been much sought after , so taking the scotland job for less money seems a strange decision
  20. Do Scotland pay more than Premier or championship clubs then ,,, not being funny , just wondering
  21. Looks like Michael O Neil will be new Scotland manager ,, what was wrong with Pedro ,, why was he overlooked. 7 weeks after he was sacked by Rangers there is still no sign of any appointment there , Can't see derek McInnes taking it , unless he likes bad career moves.
  22. Never seen that coming , Chris Coleman has left Wales for Sunderland ,,, guess who we got Tuesday And Moyes got the West Ham job ,,,,,,,,,,,its a funny old game
  23. I'm too old for this , and too busy You can have the last word, as you always like to.
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