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  1. Might be best to call it a day Stu. People have moved on now. Where once this forum was a good place for banter and discussion it is now a place for biased one-eyed Rangers propaganda and boring statistics..
  2. I agree Stu , handball or not our keeper should of come off his line and got to the ball first. Never mind only a few more weeks and we'll have Tom Heaton. Yes Tammy should of done better with his good chances to score. Yes Kodja came on, never done a lot and never tracked back. But that's they way it goes as Dorset said , can't complain,, 7 out of 9 in 3 tough away fixtures
  3. Good point for bottom of the table Dundee, down to ten men for most the match
  4. Would you sack him in the summer then Rich if we finished say tenth this season
  5. Brilliant mate , cheers ,,I reckon i will be able to get the next 3 , swansea preston and wigan with my new half season ticket and no booking history. Which will set me up nicely for the rest of the seasons away matches apart from say blues which i don't really want to go to
  6. Great deal for season ticket holders going to away matches on the train. In a fantastic initiative that I don't think has been announced yet . Avfc have linked up with Virgin Trains to give Aston Villa season ticket holders 20% discount on train tickets. Just follow this link https://www.virgintrains.co.uk/avfc I used it this morning, Preston away was £21 return. With the discount I bought 2 return tickets for £16.80 each.
  7. Not sure if these are shia or sunni
  8. No i wouldn't have any of them back . Its time to move on now , not look back . Dean Smith is working wonders with Steve Bruce's players at the moment but i would imagine he is itching to make his own mark on the squad by making one or 2 quality signings in January and also bringing In a keeper like Tom Heaton in on loan , and possibly Gary Cahill in defence
  9. First Trophy of the season goes to Celtic putting on the style and winning the League cup yesterday against Aberdeen It is the first leg of the historic treble treble or triple treble
  10. Yes interesting that Fulham have sacked their manager who got them promotion last season . After spending 100 million in the summer to compete in the premier league they are currently bottom and look likely to relegated This weekend there have even been Wolves fans on twitter saying that have had enough with Nuno . They thought they had qualified for the Champions League in September but are now sliding down the table and heading for a relegation battle. So yes , I agree , give Dean Smith 5 years even if we don't go up or go up and come straight back down
  11. Going to this , can't wait , 2 good attacking sides with players that can finish , it has the potential to be another 5-5
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