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  1. Fair play to the blues fans , Every single one of them joined in with our minutes applause for Ugo
  2. Blackburn away on Saturday. 5600 tickets already sold. 1300 still available. They are on general sale now . No away booking history required. Prediction made on Monday lunchtime , Gabby gives victory to Blackburn with a last minute own goal , while Huddersfield beat blues 2~0 Fingers crossed ☺
  3. Brilliant mate, I'll do that, in the past I have been the farcroft in handsworth , that was good and the red lion in West Brom, but the best Indian BBQ pub I've been to would have be the vine by West Broms ground.
  4. Brilliant
  5. I think it was the barrel yes, summer lane newtown. And the Indian brewery place was in livery St underneath a railway arch.
  6. Quite a few furious Villa fans who sit or stand in the lower north were in the North Stand car park today. They had already been told to walk the long way round to enter the ground via Trinity road only to be denied access from north stand car park to the lower north turnstiles in Witton Lane. They were then told that they had to walk all the way back round again to witton lane by where the blues fans coaches were parked so they could get to to the turnstiles.
  7. The treble is on ,Celtic are still unbeaten, what a season for Brendan Rodgers He could become only the 3rd Celtic manager to achieve this in 127 years. The last one was Martin o Neil in 2000-01
  8. There was a thread to decide where she could go on holiday to next , A one way ticket to somewhere far away got the most votes
  9. Yeah i went the match today , in the weatherspoons Hornet alum rock road at 9am , rumours of blues meeting up in there was bullshit , it was a mix of regulars and villa , 6 pints of Carling at £2.55 prepared me for the match , , six quid in a taxi between 4 soon got us to the ground. Would have preferred to sit in the Holte today but i had my mates season ticket in the north stand upper to use. What an atmosphere in Villa Park ,, absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Good view in upper north , everyone standing , never known the whole of the upper north to sing for the whole match before , From my seat i could see my dirty blue nose brother in with the scum. Anyway , sh*t match for first hour , the stage was set for Gabby to come on and he did not disappoint , immediately chasing down and getting stuck in he soon got a yellow card.; then after a game of head tennis in their box he buried the ball into the net sparking off wild scenes of celebration , 2 pitch invaders from the lower north done well avoiding stewards before the slide tackles went in.. Blues had a lot of possesion but never threatened , ~Full time , dont look back in anger ,,everyone joining in . ~Then walked up to the sacred heart , big queue up the bar , no chance of getting served , seen my mates in there and told them f*ck this i'm going to the barton arms. Met a few Indians in there from work, had a couple in there before a taxi to some indian brewery pub near st pauls square , They wanted to take me to Hockley then to some indian bbq pub but i said f*ck that and walked into town and into the square peg. Took ages to get served , when i sat down i used the weatherspoons app for the first time , I ordered 6oz burger and chips and a pint of carling and within 3 minutes they bought it to my table , for only £7.60. Then my legs were killing me from self diagnosed arthritis so i got the bus home at about half 7. We have had some sh*t days following villa over the last few years , but its days like this that make it all worthwhile , VTID ,,UTV
  10. Gabbys lunch after the match
  11. What a legend ,,,,,,,sign him up
  12. And Johnstone is a sh*t goalie