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  1. I've told you before but I'll say it again Larry , when you watch illegal football steams on a laptop or what ever you use to access the internet .,,spyware / malware , key loggers and other viruses are downloaded onto your device ,,without you even knowing about it , no matter what antivirus /firewall , pop up blocker you have installed. The same goes for the porn /sex websites apart from the fisting and watersports sections on hamster which seem to be alright. , But never mind hun , carry on posting the links
  2. He goes again (after dusting down)
  3. 3 out of 4 now, come on reading tomorrow. Had a look on bet Fred app for cash out, it said not available. Wasn't gonna take it anyway. I'm gonna be loaded
  4. ignore this fake news , it will never happen
  5. Could really do with Blackpool beating Exeter 2 or 3 -1 in todays play off final , But i have just read Blackpool are a very defensive side and Exeter who were bottom in November are a very attacking side , should have done my homework , plus Blackpool fans are continuing their boycott against the owners and only 5000 are going to Wembley compared to the 35 thousand they took to the Championship play off final a few years ago. Never went out yesterday or Friday , no work tomorrow so i am off out shortly to watch it till late tonight
  6. We go to the pub before the match , in Denmark , Brondby fans do this
  7. Were any of them young and born in England
  8. It's just you
  9. No Ak but I will have a look in the minute. I'll probably leave it for the 3rd match though
  10. yes freddy , i thought Arsene enjoyed it too
  11. Remember the Villa song we used to sing years ago , " Oh i love to see the glory of the Villa win the cup , 7 times we've won it no one else can catch us up" It was true at the time but now Arsene Venger on his own has won it 7 times, Ashley Cole has won it 7 times Arsenal have won it 13 times Man U 11 Spurs 8 and Liverpool Chelsea 7