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  1. massive 3 points. i feared the worst after the first 20 Mins, we played much better after that though and Norwich didn't even come close to getting back into it.. Dissapointing home crowd again, 30k for a big game like this was quite embarrassing. Stadium was more or less empty by the final wistle as well. Win or lose it looks like the players can't win
  2. Could see that happening in the last 15 mins. So many silly mistakes. Bacunas handball was just ridiculous. Everything was just half arsed in the last quarter. Its getting to the point in the season where the teams down the bottom are fighting for everything and based on the last few performances we just don't look like being up for it. I thought the last 3 games would define our season. We had 3 winnable games and we've only picked up 1 point. I hate to say it but it doesn't look good at the minute.
  3. We really did only start playing after we went down but we don't deserve any credit for it. It was as a result of west ham sitting back and inviting us onto them
  4. If lambert has a single good excus for not starting with Albrighton then I'd love to know it. Absolutely shocking performance. I heard a few people questioning after the game why we couldn't start like we played in the last 40 mins. The simple answer is we don't start games 2-0 down and playing against a team thats happy to sit on their own 18 yard line and let us attack them. This is surprisingly the first game where ive left VP this season and worried about where were going to finish. Due to the inconsistency of the team I just honestly don't know if we'll have the fight for the run in. I h
  5. Might aswell call the Moore brothers and Vassell and we'll get the gang back together. While were at it has anyone got a number for Gavin McCann
  6. Me too lol My issue is that these ordinary people put themselves into a situation where they're better off on benefits than working. At the end of the day the government didn't come round and artificially inseminate your brothers missus 6 times. That was a decision they made knowing full well that they didn't have the money to do so. I've been with my wife for 9 years now and would love to have kids but we know we can't at the minute because we haven't got the money to do so. I'm not having a go at your bro I just used him as a example because you mentioned him. My point is that peop
  7. It was mentioned earlier though about the bankers paying themselves millions in bonuses even though they haven't done their jobs properly. I don't condone what they do, I hate the wankers but would you say good luck to them too? After all their taking advantage of a system that lets them get away with it albeit on a much much larger scale. I don't think the two are comparable on a monetary basis but I think they're comparable on the taking the p*ss side of things
  8. I totally agree with what your saying and to a certain extent I don't blame the people I blame the system. If someone is earning more sitting at home doing nothing than they would be working 40 hrs a week then you can see why they do it. My point is that if everyone decided not work and sit at home earning what is basically minimum wage for doing nothing then it would result in everyone having nothing. That's the problem minimum wage and potential benefit payouts should never be comparable. The fact that they are now comparable has resulted in kids leaving school and deliberately choosing to h
  9. I think the problem is that when the subject of benefits comes up people automatically think of the local chavs with 4 kids and no intention of ever working. This may be down to government scaremongering but I think in most cases (especially for me) its based on first hand experience. I know, or know of so many people that basically live off benefits and for me personally its those people that need to be clamped down on. I won't pretend to know much about politics so I can't really comment on the rights and wrongs of government cuts. I'm sure there are a lot more genuine claimants that no
  10. Is this a break through for you guys lol
  11. I know tv's are cheap it was leaning more towards the people that complain that they haven't got enough food and that they haven't got enough money to live on etc but still have those things. I made the decision the other day that I would go out and spend £500 on a PS4. If I had an electric bill that was overdue then I wouldn't have brought it. I just feel like certain items are seen as a necessity for some people rather than a luxury. I base my opinions on benefits on people that I actually know and have encountered. I grew up in quite a sh*t hole area so I know a lot of them as well lol
  12. I know what you mean. I've seen stories about people who would need to have a £30k job to cover the money they get from benefits. The problem is with the system. IMO anyone who is on benefits who's got a flat screen tv, smokes, drinks, got sky etc is getting too much in benefits. Most of the people on benefits I know have or do most of the things I've mentioned. Having or doing those things is a luxury. If your on benefits you should have a roof over your head and enough food and drink. Benefits should be hard to live on that way it encourages people to get a job to have the better life they w
  13. The problem is if everyone had this same mentality then we'd all be fooked.
  14. Never been one to call for lamberts head but im finding it extremely difficult to defend him at the minute. If he had a plan and things were going to improve then it would have by now. We've been poor pretty much all season and theres no signs of it getting any better. I just can't see where we go from here.
  15. Decided to spend today with the family rather than going and based on the report on sky sports my decision was right. how we're still offering up the usual rubbish against one of, if not the worst PL team is a sign of how poor we really are at the minute. Only HT tho so lets hope we can improve in the second half
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