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  1. I'm done. I can't keep feeling like this, it's like an abusive relationship. It's affecting my relationships with my other half and kids it's got that bad. Can't do it anymore.
  2. This will be a cricket score. Same old sh*t. God how people moaned a about O'Neill but what I'd do to have those days back
  3. The morning after and I still feel shitty about this game. Being a Villa fan is seriously bad for your mental health. Our last good manager was O'Neill and that was ten years ago now. Christ. He got us up for each and every game without fail. We took a lot of points from top four teams. Many criticised his signings, but you can't argue with his results. And we never sat back and rolled over and accepted our fate. Pathetic performance. Might have to take a break from football.
  4. Please for christ sake go all out for Benitez in the summer.
  5. If Steve Bruce was in charge of that game for us he'd be absolutely crucified and rightly so. Why is it that Smith seems to grt a free pass every game? We've been dog sh*t. To me it's evident that we're going nowhere but down. Suso's signings have been dire. Smith's tactics have been dire. No passion, no commitment, no tactics, no chance.
  6. I'm optimistic. With the break we've had, a game in hand and McGinn back, it's in our own hands. Deeney won't play for Watford - everyone knows how influential he is for them. Bournemouth have had a few positive covid tests. Norwich have looked poor all season, Wet Spam and Brighton not much better.
  7. Which I fully understand, I think people often forget that these lads are just human. However when you're sitting on £350,000k a week and you demand the money back if you take a wage cut for a bloody couple of months, I think it's downright pathetic when there are millions out there genuinely struggling to survive on what they have. I'm hoping this situation makes football pop and have to start from scratch with wage restrictions in place. Don't forget players have sponsorships as well, and get god knows how much free stuff, it's crazy. I know a professional footballer in lea
  8. I was wondering whether this would happen or not and I'd be disappointed if they chose to furlough staff so fair play to them. Makes more sense for players (who aren't playing or training at the minute) to reduce their wage so that ordinary folk can still get their normal wage. I see Arsenal players are taking a 12.5% cut, that they get back over a 6 month period. Which is pathetic. The likes of Ozil will still be on over £300.000 a WEEK. Pathetic
  9. If they can restart before the end of May, then they could finish the season by the end of July. Have a 2-3 week break, and get into the next season a few weeks later than planned, have the usual winter break and finish the season later. However, a few footballers have stated that if football resumes they need a month of pre season, otherwise give it three games and everyone will be injured. Which is a fair point. I think it's inevitable that the season will be void at this rate. You can't play behind closed doors and expect hundreds, if not thousands, to turn up outside like Valencia fa
  10. Jack's '70mill transfer' was never on. Bored of the link now. United think they can bully clubs into selling players, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were the ones feeding the papers.
  11. JustRich


    I think they'll play out the end of this season whenever feasible, if that means playing the remaining fixtures and jumping straight into the following season with little or no break, then so be it. Money talks. I'm against scrapping the season BUT if things continue for too long there's no other option. Ending the season with current standings just isn't right on any team and I can't see a vote being passed for it
  12. Yup, need the right manager in place. And no director of football.
  13. Smith won't be sacked. Purslow is adamant to keep him on. At every fan forum he does he talks about how smith is a Villa fan, building for the future blah blah blah. Problem with that is that we need to stay up right now. Not in 5 years.
  14. Up until now I've been positive (God knows why) about us staying up. Now I have absolutely no hope. Same old sh*t tactics. Same old sh*t zonal marking. Same old sh*t players. Same late subs. Smith hasn't got a clue in this league whatsoever. Guilbert has been destroyed yet again. Jack's head is up his arse. He's been dog sh*t. Mings has turned into a bag of w*nk. Engels isn't much better. Clueless positioning. Hourihane ineffective in this league. No support for Samatta. 140mill wasted. Should have kept a few of the lads we released, not bothered to se
  15. I want to like Smith, I really do. But his tactics are p*ss poor. Benitez in
  16. Which is fair enough, but when a mistake leads to a direct goal it should be. Look at the Bournemouth game the other day, they'd gone right up the other end and okaged several minutes before play was dragged back. Ridiculous
  17. I'd definitely say 5 wins minimum, but like freddy said - where from?
  18. We're crap away from home and they're in decent form. Recipe for disaster
  19. Agreed. Because all Baston did was nesrly gift them a goal, twice.
  20. We played so well in parts that it truly makes it more gutting. Drinkwater needs to be sent back to Chelsea, he's one of the worst players I've ever seen in claret and blue. Waste of a loan. Atkinson was sh*t yet again. Aurier should've been carded. Moura should've been carded. And var? Don't even get me started. The handball against sanchez wasn't checked but both of their penalty shouts were checked? How is that fair? And that's one of the softest penalties you'll ever see. It's a f**cking contact sport and the guy is going down before Engels' foot touches him.
  21. I've said it before and I'll say it again, suso has to go. I don't see what he brings to the table? I get we've got to be careful because we spent a lot in the summer. But why panic buy another striker when we have Davis and Vassilev? He's absolute dog sh*t! He's another Jota? Will never play and when he does will look distinctly average. Save the f**cking wages for christ sake and play some youth players. Edit. I'll just add, that if... And it's a huge if obviously. If, we stay up and win the cup. We'd be in Europe.....there is no way this squad is anywhere near good enough
  22. Only one English team has either won or finished runner up in an English competition in every decade since the 1880's and that's Villa. What an incredible statistic
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