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  1. Was at the game and it was a terrible decision by Taylor.
  2. I got a few returns booked for home games for £8 yesterday. Some great deals.
  3. They're wankers. I am missing this game. Train service virtually non-existent over Christmas and new year so we're going to Wales for a few days.
  4. Definitely doesn't. Get enough of squealy teens at work. They put me silly at home. It's like the YMCA here some days.
  5. Hope your daughter had a great day, Dimitri. Sounds expensive and annoying. I can't stand the noise and mess Chucky and a few of his mates make in our house so the thought of 150 squealy children in the same room makes my blood run cold.
  6. For Macmillan? Have had a week of them at school. It is good to see the kids baking and doing their best to raise money for a good cause. It's one that's close to my heart, for obvious reasons.
  7. It's only Mars Bars you blades are any good at battering...
  8. Less likely than Scotland battering England.
  9. Good luck to Scotland. Will be flying to Vienna for the Ireland game so won't get to watch it. Hope you batter the shite out of them.
  10. Had one of these, exactly the same as the one pictured, called Hoppy. He was legendary.
  11. Think there must be engineering works that weekend. Last train back to London's at 8pm so that's no use and there's no way I'm spending almost seven hours on a coach.
  12. The boys in green are 0-1 up in a soggy Serbia.
  13. That area was dead as a doornail so it was the obvious one to close. If demand means it needs to be reopened then great.
  14. In Derry and passed a theatre that will be showing 'Celtic - the musical' later in the year. How random is that?
  15. Doesn't sound pleasant. Keep an eye on it.
  16. I want doesn't get. It's not going to happen. Reality will beat ideology every day of the week.
  17. This is not just a problem for Germany. Priest killed in Normandy after two men armed with knives took hostages in a church.
  18. Happy birthday, Rich. 30's still young. Chin up!
  19. Read it again today. It is a sick world.
  20. Aye. Molotov had nothing on us...
  21. Did I read that the bloke knew his victims? Whether he did or didn't, it's terribly sad.
  22. See some nutter attacked a mother and her three young girls near Montpellier this morning because they were scantily clad while eating breakfast. 8-year-old girl is fighting for her life. Madness.
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