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  1. Ayew's last minute penalty that grabbed the points away to Reading.
  2. It was a dirty game. Referee should have dealt more effectively with Bale and arguably several others before that then Taylor may have thought twice and been less reckless. I am sure he feels terrible about it now. sh*t happens.
  3. Was at the game and it was a terrible decision by Taylor.
  4. That figure is nonsense. Would work out at more than 20,000 per away game FFS.
  5. I swear Celtic and Rangers have played eleventy billion times this season...
  6. Has only played for the U21s. He has a job on his hands to get into the current team but hopefully that'll spur him on to greatness at Villa.
  7. Don't let me crush anyone's dreams. Just saying it's a long shot. i don't think it'll happen.
  8. Silly to be dreaming but great win today. First half was abysmal but stuck at it and did the business. Great day's craic. VTWD.
  9. You won't have left enough of it for anyone to OD on it...
  10. Aah. I didn't know you'd had a wee ba. Congratulations to you both. We'll look forward to seeing the mini Villan in claret and blue before long. Happy Saint Patrick's Day too.
  11. Website on the blink. Nobody could book tickets.
  12. Hello, stranger. Hope you and your good lady wife are keeping well.
  13. Don't know the stats but I would imagine Ince comes out on top so voted for him. He's contributed his fair share of goals. Sessegnon is very young and should have a great career ahead of him. He probably won't be at Fulham much longer.
  14. You left out the 'as always' bit, our fella...
  15. He could clear off to China and earn obscene sums. I can't see Barry back at B6 at all.