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  1. Johnstone Hutton Chester Baker Taylor Bacuna Lansbury Jedinak Green Adomah Kodjia Hourihane injured.
  2. Don't know what Slam or British Bulldog involved. Loved kerbsy.
  3. Doris ripped the roof and side off our shed. D's away. I own nothing in it so I don't give a sh*t. I guess I should ask him what's in it for whatever it is is now exposed to the elements.
  4. Home "support" is pretty pathetic and I have said for ages it doesn’t help matters. Even the away support isn't as good as it was not so long ago. Hard to back shite but it's Catch 22.
  5. Merson was interviewed. He said he'd expected Bruce to be brilliant and sort Villa out but worries as new signings all seem to be wilting under the pressure of playing for a big club with expectant fans.
  6. Grim, Freddy.
  7. I am going to Rotherham, expecting what is likely to be our only double of the season.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if he walked.
  9. Okay. I have had crap managers in my time and I have still done my job - and a good job at that. They may have told me to do things but if they're detrimental to the cause then I'd simply ignore them and get on with it. We cannot keep chopping and changing and expect a massive improvement. I am not suggesting Bruce is blameless but there are certain things he simply cannot be expected to legislate for.
  10. Players are definitely getting off too lightly. Don't know the stats for tonight but we had eighteen chances on Saturday, apparently. Eighteen. When the players cannot so much as pass the ball, it's futile calling for Bruce's head.
  11. Aye, that's bound to be the height of excitement. Happy anniversary.
  12. Must get a weekend in Scotland soon. Said I wanted to travel more in 2017 and have so far been to Wales and Liverpool. Not quite what I meant...
  13. Yes. Seems it's play-offs or bust for Brucie so I imagine he is under enormous pressure. He has to go for it.
  14. I don't care what formation he plays, as long as it's a winning one. To me, Bruce is too defensive. He needs to trust his players to do their jobs. On paper, he has a winning team so he has to give the players the freedom required to win.