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  1. Counter attacking football can be very fun to watch, we just flat out need to execute our breaks much better. I feel we definitely have the players to do it.
  2. Anyone else think he should potentially be getting time on the wing now that we have Taylor at LB? I have always thought he looked very good going forward and definitely has some skill to beat defenders on the dribble.
  3. Well, you know what they say a win is a win. This game was very reminiscent of the Lambert days though. I think I am fine with our strategy but overall the players just have to execute better on the counter. I mean we had them completely beat on the counter after a corner and we just could not put that final pass together. Also, Lansbury seems to be pretty good at set pieces, he put in a few dangerous balls today and I believe he set up Chester on his goal. So ultimately, we stand the most to improve in midfield, especially in terms of possession. Defensively, I think we look pretty stout.
  4. Loving all the streams lately! Lucky to not give up a penalty there on Bent.
  5. Paranoid should be the walkout song!
  6. Not delusion, I think we are underperforming as a team and have been for a while.
  7. It is a completely new team man...Hutton was the only returning starter from last year in our first team yesterday. We really just need to survive this season and start to develop as a team.
  8. Right? First player over was in a Newcastle shirt! Hutton the only one to go over.
  9. He is also being played out of position. Not quick enough on the wing.
  10. How are Grealish and Amavi not getting playing time? No one on the field looks to have any ability on the ball. Terrible all game.
  11. Harsh, he is just a limited athlete but he worked hard for the club IMO.
  12. Holy crap we have been busy!
  13. Patience
  14. Hutton is a replacement level RB. Solid defender, just hasn't improved going forward. We need some athletes in the center of the park.
  15. Considering how bad we have been, I'll take winning.