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  1. Shockingly poor. Everytime I think Vlaar and Weiman can't disappoint more, they prove me wrong.
  2. Albrighton was fantastic today, what an effort. Benteke was just a bit off but hard to fault his effort. To me this was another loss due to the worst back line in football and a manager who has no idea what to do with tactics. Can anyone explain to me why there is talk about a contract extension for Lambert? Has he done anything to deserve that? My working theory: Lerner knows this squad is going to be relegated. Blast me if you want, but I feel our luck has run out. The only thing Lambert has proven is that he is a great lower league coach, can evaluate lower league talent, and can lead a
  3. I haven't seen most of this. But Red Bull at least has money and expects to have winners to further their brand. Lerner conversely has proved he cares nothing about winning with Cleveland and Villa. We can continue holding tight to history as it's all we have, or welcome a new era of investment, winning, and prosperity. Again...only if any of this talk is legit.
  4. Can't blame a guy for hoping. One of the reasons I got so into football was that relegation is always there looming....keeping teams like the Cleveland Browns from doing nothing, content to be abysmal, but staying in the league. I feel like Villa is in the wasteland of lower mid-tier in a slowish descent. Nowhere near high enough to get excited about winning anything anymore, but too big to be excited when we occasionally knock off an upper middle team....since we should be winning those games. I haven't seen anything solid about players to sign. We certainly need a lot of help in the midfie
  5. Is it fair to say that there is little faith in Faulkner or Lambert to have the sense, or money to sign any players who will make a difference? Honestly, I feel with the lack of heart this team has played with, a Mgr who is out of his depth, and an owner that has no interest beyond profit through cost cutting, Villa is going to have a really hard time staying in the league this year.
  6. Wish I could be there boys. Really missing not getting over there this season. The squad my have lost their heart but Villa fans never will.
  7. Vlaar is back and....did he get better while he was out? This has a 5+ goal all over it. Whatever it takes to get Lambert out.
  8. Guys. Really going to fight with each other. For f*ck sake, Lambert is sh*t. His team is sh*t. His players are sh*t. Our owner is sh*t. What we are is a club with a great history, and fans who deserve better. Fire Lambert. Find a manager cause you know what, it isn't getting worse than this, cause Villa is going down with this clown. The only thing missing is the tent over Villa Park to make this circus completed
  9. I really don't think Lerner will spend anything in January. Even if Lambert was given 50mm he just go out and sign a lot of league one, and obscure internationals. Frankly I'd be surprised if Benteke wasn't resting on the bench for a sale to an Arsenal, or Chelsea.
  10. Watching Lambert walking off the field and look over his shoulder at the pitch...I sincerely hope that is his last look at the pitch ever. Take him , his inability to evaluate talent, and his shockingly poor football back to the lower leagues where he and most of his players belong.
  11. Weiman is just so so bad. He should not be allowed to shoot. Ever
  12. Thanks Jay. Took a while through Comcast but got the extra time app working. Of course just in time to hear the commentators saying it was the worst 45 minutes of football they've seen all year. Ouch.
  13. Hey, not dropping my allegiance to Villa. Not changing clubs or anything like it. Sick and frustrated at the owner, manager, and players...absolutely. There's a point of support when the club is smaller, etc. But there's no way in hell to look at the last several years thinking the club is doing anything remotely resembling trying to win anything. That is frustrating. Ain't dreaming of walking away. Also not spending my hard earned money to give to a club that doesnt spend theirs to put a decent squad on the pitch.
  14. To be honest I've just given up on Lambert, Lerner, and really the entire.club. There is just no ambition, energy, or desire for this club to do anything beyond hoping to stay in the league. Perhaps it's my relative newness as a fan compared to you guys, but I can tell you being a Villa fan in the States ain't easy. I can't tell you how many times I've traveled to even find a match on TV (they generally only televise the good clubs).and money I've spent traveling to the the UK to see them play in person. All of that is rewarded with the hiring of second rate managers, and usually third and fou
  15. To be honest the concerns I have are as follows. 1) Only Benteke can score. If he doesn't seems like no one does. And I feel certain he'll be be sold. 2) Defense is generally not good enough. Okore was supposed to be a big addition. Maybe next season it will be better, but is improved some from last season. 3) My God Weiman has never been an accurate ball striker, but he's been just awful. 4) PL has absolutely wasted money signing a number of players who never see the pitch. Would love to see a veteran in the mix, but think he's too proud to even shift course.
  16. Whoever said Villa is a bottom to mid tier team is right. It's the league. It's the way they want it. 4 Clubs, all around London compete for silverware, the rest are cannon fodder. They'd have to increase wages 4-5x to dream of competing. All said, still love Villa. Hope someday you guys figure out how to build a fair, competitive league.
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