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  1. I was surprised he stuck with the same team. I think the players have suffered with a bit of burn out due to the amount of games we played in such a short period. I honestly expected to see Doug and bark back starting tonight. it’s gutting to see such a poor result when we know we can do better. I know we are in a much better position than last season, but a lot of money had been invested since then.
  2. Yes! Few drinks to celebrate tonight bud.
  3. Fantastic result! fantastic team effort to defend like that for the whole game. Anwar was fantastic! for all the criticism they have taken recently I was really impressed with Elmo and Mings. Namkamba was brilliant!
  4. We are defo missing him. Just can’t hold on to possession. It’s about time McGinn was put on a bit of fitness conditioning.
  5. I saw that as well. Not good news at all.
  6. We were lucky to come away with that point. Fair play to our keeper! you could see after 5 minutes that our formation and shape was no match for theirs. It’s about time Deano started looking at plan b and c to be honest.
  7. Fantastic team effort! Watkins is looking like some player. I like how he is not afraid to have a go at goal. Forced the keeper into some good saves yesterday.
  8. Yes, agree with that. Traore became none existent yet smith just left him out there. Should have freshened it up around the 70 minute mark.
  9. We did well considering the down time we had. Looked tired in the second half yet seen it through. I feel for Bruce, not even pep could do better with that squad.
  10. I thought in previous seasons he carried himself quite well, then this season he has become a bit of a tyrant like old Jose. I guess success brings the badness out in people.
  11. It has become very apparent this season that klopp lacks class
  12. Fair play to those lads! The actually did alright!
  13. Good luck to these young lads!
  14. Yes, a guy I know is suffering still long after COVID. He still can taste or smell food. He is also still coughing
  15. Yes, unfortunately the FA always fail to show compassion! I know this from my own experience with them. One of the main factors of me giving up running a football club was the FA. well this will be a good experience for the young lads no matter what the result is.
  16. It’s because it’s an Fa cup fixture. The FA will make us play it or award the fixture in my opinion.
  17. I see all the Liverpool fans getting excited on Facebook! Saying we have to field our under 23s. It would be hilarious if our youth team beat them 😂
  18. Gutted to lose! But we did battle! Was always going to be a hard game. I felt the pen was very soft.
  19. Yes! Can’t wait for the day that all this will be just some bad memory!
  20. Let’s hope 2021 bring us a COVID free world and we can all grace the seats of Villa park with our asses! Happy new year all! Hope you all have a good one 😁
  21. Surviving on the final day! It was like winning a cup final! as I really thought we were down. The new players we brought in. For the first time in years I have been excited by the signings we made. smashing Liverpool! To knock the pool fans of their high horse was an amazing feeling! 😂
  22. What a result! I would have taken that before a ball was kicked
  23. McGinn has been a machine in this game! im so happy for anwar!
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