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  1. Fantastic result. Can’t wait till we hit the point where everyone is fully fit. We Will actually have some squad depth this season.
  2. It was a good performance. I guess the weakened side was probably due to the amount of injuries we keep picking up. The league is more important than this cup.
  3. I agree. We did play well. Just didn’t take our chances.
  4. I always park at the manor tavern and have a pint there. It gets busy but I just stand outside. It’s a cheap pint in there as well.
  5. Had a good game on Saturday in my opinion.
  6. It has been frustrating with the injuries we have picked up. Would have been nice to have had Watkins, Bailey and Traore all available on Saturday.
  7. Nice to be at villa park after such a long absence. I knew it would be a difficult game when I saw our lineup. probably should have introduced Watkins a little earlier.
  8. Very comfortable win. FairPlay to the young lad upfront.
  9. Good to get a win under our belts. Me and the boy are going next week. Fingers crossed for another win.
  10. He does seem a decent character to be fair. I think you are right with him getting found out at times. I really hope they fail this season as I don’t like the way they are throwing their money about. I think Spurs have got themselves a good manager there.
  11. It does look that way and in my opinion that is down the poor tactics. Everything went through him last season, we have some really good players in our team. We just need to change the way we play. The speed that Watford attacked us yesterday is what I want to see at villa.
  12. He is obviously a good manager as he sets his teams up well and gets results. But let’s be honest, there are many other managers out there that would have the same success with the amount of spending power he has had. The only thing for me is he has not won the champs league at Man City. I reckon if someone like Jose was city manager with that money, they would have won it.
  13. What a major disappointment. I know it’s early days but can see it being a long hard season. This season could be the end of Deano to be honest.
  14. Buzzing for this! football is back!
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