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  1. The table below shows the teams from 10th to 20th in the EPL as they stand today (11th March 2013) and their remaining games. http://www.avfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10265~3104618,00.html'>AVFC - Reading 1-2 Villa: Lambert - Now seven or eight teams in drop fight 10 Fulham..... : A Tottenham (17th) : H Q P Rangers (1st) April : A Newcastle (6th) : A Aston Villa (13th) : H Arsenal (20th) : A Everton (27th) May : H Reading (4th) : H Liverpool (12th) : A Swansea (19th) 11 Stoke City. : H W B Albion (16th) : A Everton (30th) April : H Aston Villa (6th)
  2. This is paper talk, but the article also mentions Championship Clubs and Adminstration. Telegraph - Premier League clubs set to plunder stricken Birmingham City before deadline day
  3. This is the BBC article : Birmingham City first-team players can leave St Andrew's
  4. Re : Yes but Celtic only want Rangers out of the way so they can win everything !! That is the ONLY way Celtic can win everything, but it won't last forever - and Celtic know that. Think of the two-team cities : Glasgow has Rangers and Celtic, Dundee has Dundee United and Dundee Edinburgh has Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian Liverpool has Liverpool and Everton, Manchester has Man United and Man City, Sheffield has Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday Birmingham has Aston Villa and Birmingham City. In all of the above, both teams have been League Champions and Cup Win
  5. The Dummies won 3-2, coming back from 1-2 down.
  6. Update on the Paladini bid : Skysports - Gianni Paladini back with increased offer to buy Birmingham
  7. Or BCFC could be right up the creek, sans paddle ! BBC - Birmingham City's owners' auditors BDO resign Birmingham International Holdings said in a statement accountants BDO had stood down, saying they had not been able to get "consistent, reliable and complete" information from the company.
  8. Wonder if this will be an 'improvement' on Carson Yeung ? Telegraph - Former QPR chairman Gianni Paladini closing in on Birmingham City deal
  9. More fun on the financial front for BCFC - Enjoy ! Telegraph - Birmingham City owners confirm talks to sell club with two possible buyers in the frame
  10. It's one small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind. - Neil Armstrong Neil Armstrong belongs with other great pioneering explorers, like Magellan and Drake and Cook and Humboldt, in the World's pantheon of great explorers of the unknown. R.I.P. Neil Armstrong, you have left us and are now with great companions.
  11. In my other role as a Site Moderator on New-606, I occasionally try to breathe some life into its dormant BCFC board, but I wonder why I bother. This concerns Chris Hughton : My Opening Post, which I copied from the Aston Villa board : Chris Hughton This is the 'Goodbye' Thread. (06-06-2012 06:55 PM)Larry-AV Wrote: D-Day has Come. The 6th June 1944 was the day when the Allied Forces landed in Normandy, to start the Liberation of Europe. For Aston Villa, 68 Years after the Real Event, D-Day means this is when Paul Lambert starts the restoration of AVFC's fortunes, carrying on
  12. Well I will have to eat my words, thinking BCFC would end up in mid-table. The Club has finished 4th, in a Play-off position. I think most folk regard Chris Hughton as a good manager and BCFC's final League position is further evidence of that, There is no guarantee of success in the lottery that is the Play-Offs of course, but what CH has acheived for BCFC so far reminds me of the saying : 'making a silk purse out of a sow's ear' !
  13. Thanks for the info Loyal, I will put that article on the BCFC board in New-606 - Carson Yeung Thread. BCFC - Happy New Year ?
  14. Middle of the Season, middle of the table. That is where I still think BCFC will be in May.
  15. Midlands Today 13:30 hours : CY has bail but cannot leave Hong Kong. Charged with Money Laundering £59M from criminal sources. Hearing today, full trial could start before Christmas. If guilty 5 Years. 'Won't be back in Birmingham anytime soon'. BBC - Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung in Hong Kong court : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-16068830
  16. holte ender# wrote : 1. We were here first, not them 2. We could have called ourselves Birmingham AVFC was founded in 1874 in Aston, so yes, we were here first. However, Aston was a separate authority until 1911, when it became part of Birmingham. That is why the 1981 League Championship (AVFC's 7th), was the first for a team from Birmingham.
  17. Just heard on BBC Midlands today that CY has been prohibited from leaving Hong Kong by a higher court there. Will add article when one is put on the BBC website. Edit 16/09/2011 : Brainless BBC - they break the story, but there is still nothing on their website. This is from the Telegraph, 14/09/2011 : Telegraph - Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung prevented from returning to United Kingdom http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/championship/8763929/Birmingham-City-owner-Carson-Yeung-prevented-fro m-returning-to-United-Kingdom.html
  18. Sky - Bowyer fears for Birmingham, 07th September 2011 http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,,12606_7157258,00.html Ipswich's Lee Bowyer fears for his old club Birmingham City, calling some of the goings-on at the club unprofessional.
  19. Latest news on Blues' 'Barber of Macau' : BBC - Birmingham City's Carson Yeung can travel to UK http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14713729
  20. Carson Yeung update : Telegraph - Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung refused permission to attend Championship match against Coventry City http://www.telegraph...entry-City.html
  21. I agree, it will not be good for Midlands football or football in general if BCFC fold. Yesterday my Barber (a BCFC Fan) reckoned BCFC could get relegated. He could well be right, if they are around that is. This is the latest news as reported by the BBC. BBC - Birmingham City investment plans hit by Carson Yeung charges Regards Larry Edit - font
  22. Only at BCFC - You couldn't make it up ! Telegraph - Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung gives 18-year-old son a seat on club's board of directors Edit - font
  23. It rumbles on : Telegraph - Birmingham City's finances could be stung by charges against owner Carsten Yeung Regards Larry Edit - font
  24. This is from the BBC, written in May and before AM left, but still relevant to Blues' finances. BBC - Birmingham City set for the blues There are several comments following the article. This one amused me : 4. At 12:13 24th May 2011, yemenal wrote: Poor old small heath have drawn a tough group in Europe next season. Real Trouble, Inter Administration and Rapid Decline. VILLA 4 EVER Regards Larry Edit - font
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