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  1. The 'title stripping' argument is that Rangers gained an advantage by using EBTs at the time they were used. This applies equally to all other Clubs ... that they gained an advantage at the time EBTs were used. Whether Clubs eventually paid the tax individually (like Celtic) or though a joint agreement is irrelevant, as the 'title stripping' argument claims that an unfair advantage was gained at the time the EBTs were up and running. My question remains ... if Clubs other than Rangers gained an advantage through the use of EBTs, where are the demands for 'title stripping' for any of them that won titles when their EBTs were up and running ??? The silence is telling !!!
  2. 08/07/2017 : That HMRC finally won the legal battle over EBTs is not surprising. The Supreme Court ruling gives HMRC the go-ahead to pursue all the other businesses (including football clubs) that used EBTs. Now I wonder, if (for example) it transpires that Man United used EBTs, will there be calls for 'title stripping' and if not, why not ? Rangers FC - Dave King Message ('Big Tax' Case)
  3. 07/07/2017 : The one-year contract sensibly gives notice of intent ... that John Terry will face his Chelsea conundrum if he wants an extension to his contract next year.
  4. 07/07/2017 : Link to Rangers' fixtures (and results) for 2017-2018. Rangers FC - Fixtures 2017-2018 Per the RFC website, the games against Motherwell and Ross County have been moved for TV. AUGUST FIXTURES Motherwell v RANGERS – Sunday, August 6, 1.30pm. RANGERS v Hibernian – Saturday, August 12, 3pm. RANGERS v Heart of Midlothian – Saturday August 19, 3pm. Ross County v RANGERS – Sunday August 26, 3pm.
  5. 05/07/2017 : So, there will be no European involvement for Rangers this Season, due to a reverse of Berwick Rangers proportions. I had to rely on the radio commentary for this match so can make no judgement on the play. Linfield won their tie and will host Celtic in the next round, with the 1st leg scheduled for 14/07/2017. Tuesday 04/07/2017, Europa League Qualifying : Progres Niederkorn 2-0 Rangers Agg 2-1 UEFA Champions League Qualifying : Fiorita 0-0 Linfield Agg 0-1
  6. 04/07/2017 : Chelsea is no bigger a football club than Aston Villa, the great differences in fortunes between the two have been due to ownership. Abramovich invested in Chelsea and reaped the rewards. Ellis ran a parsimonious ship and Lerner started well then bottled out, with the consequences we all know and are still enduring. I thought John Terry gave a very honest interview yesterday, summed up as 'Chelsea are my Club, but I am at Aston Villa to do a job and will do that job' ... the job being the Restoration of Aston Villa to its Level 1 status. Welcome to Aston Villa, John Terry.
  7. Update to the above. The return legs for Rangers and Linfield are on Tuesday 4th July, 2017.
  8. 30/06/2017 : Thanks for setting-up the new thread, B6. Both Rangers and Linfield won their first-leg Euro matches - Linfield will play Celtic if they progress. St Johnstone lost their opener. Europa League Qualifying, Thursday 29th June : Rangers 1-0 Progres Niederkorn St Johnstone 1-2 FK Trakai UEFA Champions League Qualifying, Wednesday 28th June : Linfield 1-0 Fiorita Rangers 1-0 Progres Niederkorn: Kenny Miller seals Europa League advantage
  9. Cheers, Corny. I meant to mention this before, I am glad that you had a successful operation, I trust you make a full recovery too. As for Patrick, if he takes the distance from bridge to nut and divides by 18 ... he will know the distance from the nut to the first fret. Do the same division by 18 with the distance from the bridge to the first fret to get the distance from the first fret to the second fret and carry on with this procedure until all fret distances are known. That was something I learnt when at secondary school; the divisor is actually a large fraction just short of 18, which I cannot remember and cba to google for. Using 18 will be sufficient for most folks.
  10. 25/06/2017 : Thanks for noticing, Dimitri. My absences from here are entirely due to inconsistent internet connection problems, which are ongoing.
  11. Updated OP, Tuesday 13/06/2017, Friendly : France 3-2 England
  12. Two friendlies, respectively a thumping and a throwaway. Tue 13/06/2017 : Australia 0-4 Brazil Tue 13/06/2017 : France 3-2 England
  13. Two results from yesterday, Sunday 11/06/2017 : WCQ : Ireland (ROI) 1-1 Austria WCQ : Serbia 1-1 Wales
  14. Ahem !
  15. I had not forgotten it Corny, but I have been away due to internet connection problems (again !!!). Saturday 10/06/2017 : WCQ Azerbaijan 0-1 Northern Ireland