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  1. na even if when he scores for wales poor celebs snuff it,quicker he retires the better
  2. f*ck it, let it happen
  3. yep,its not like the celtic fans not to know Ireland especially Belfast,the trouble will be in the outskirts/surounding areas of Windsor park,probaly more trouble in the city centre of Belfast & ferry crossing lol,the stadium itself will be well policed & protected just like celtic v rangers matches,a few naughty song/banners & flares that's the worry for celtic fc plc,feck the fighting outside,they don't want their image tarred,rather than let the celtic fans go & enjoy themselves,now plenty will snap up tickets I reckon,how hard is it just to have one stand say 3-6k,
  4. put yer rod away boy'o,
  5. rangers played at tranmere rovers stadium in 1999/2000,when they where drawn against shelbourne,as theyd probably be riots in Dublin,just like when they played bohemians in the 80s ,...tbh I would have just played the game at linfield on the 11th,with celtic getting their allocation,f*ck it lol,infact probably be more trouble now in the stands as celtic fans will just go undercover in the home ends but known us we wont keep quiet...il be at the tie n Glasgow hopefully linfield will bring a good crowd despite the score in Belfast,
  6. brave boy joining them with a name like aidan mcadams lol
  7. uefa CL is bigger than a loyalist bevvy sesh & bonfire,cant cancel & put safety first,then move the tie to Liverpool,surely the fans of linfield will put their club before a wee bevvy loyalist sash bash for the day,a put money into the club,..still not happy with celtic refusing tickets,
  8. hopefully linfield sell celtic fans tickets directly no need for celtic fc to get involved then,best solution is cancel orange & bonfire celebrations this yr to let it happen
  9. its celtic board/pr to blame,they are more concerened about the image of celtic,because of past fines from uefa fines we usually behave on our travels but whats got us into trouble is a bit of pyro,flares/smoke bombs & naughty political banners,...if linfield cant gaurentee it should be moved to say Liverpool,potentialy could be trouble but ive heard Windsor park we wont see each other as we will be directed to the stadium without seeing each other from the falls rd so will be well segregated,trust me celtic fans will be there anyway lol,i was looking forward to a bit of bedlam,linfield wont be happy a team that usually only gets 2-3k will lose out on money,i want too play it on the 11th with us getting a full stand
  10. no worries pat
  11. also larry he aint about lately
  12. fixtures 17/18 http://www.skysports.com/celtic-fixtures
  13. also Apollo,n our yankee posters too
  14. Where is anne mc,sofa,peever, & also morph & eastie??
  15. its a joke and its all Celtics fault for not taking up an away allocation,if that's the case of no away fans just play it on the 11/12th then,btw fans will be there trust me just in the home end lol,we have a big fanbase in Ireland especially west Belfast