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  1. in an indy Scotland we will have no monarchy, hopefully a leader like castro/lenin/Erdogan who will do whats best for the people,..wipe away democracy,some people cant be trusted to have the freedom to vote,..i think id make a great Scottish leader,id sure cleanse the nation for the better
  2. thought game would have been a lot closer especially at hampden we seemed to be cursed there the past few yrs, very pleased with our performance,brown,roberts & callum McGregor were brilliant,ibrox next week brown suspended(maybe) & dembele injured celtic display rangers display
  3. I would like the royals more if it was more fairytale like & they had jesters & fire breathing dragons n sh*t
  4. told ye'z it would be 1-0 to the villa
  5. sadly I will miss this celtic are playing rangers but will be keeping tabs on it,then highlights later CMON VILLA INTAE THESE BASSA'S 1-0 to villa
  6. noticed he seems to be a bit of a scapegoat with the villa support?
  7. aye poor ol harry is just a lad likes his bevvy probably dabbles in lines Columbians aswell(the good stuff lol) and tries for his hole,..yet cant do any of this that any other young brittish laddoes every weekend without getting plastered over the paper what a sh*t life tbh,...as for William he needs to be discussed that f**cking hair man??? let it go William the jack Charlton look died in the 70s,just shave the lot wi clippers or get a hair transplant he's got the dough,...he looks like an old man ffs he's younger than me,at least harry tries I think harry would make a better king than willie imo
  8. carefull now mate ye will get branded a loony lefty on here,like me i am anti mornachy I don't like the whole imperialism stuff & class divide,personally I have nothing against the royal family I wish them no ill not their fault they were born into this,im sure theyre nice people but have no real outlook on life I kinda feel sorry for them with all that wealth, they cant do the most simple things in life like walk the towns or streets or pop in for a pizza or kebab lol,i don't get all the faux fawning over them bowing like they are superior to us.they shite n p*ss just like you & I,...with religion that's totally different royals/kings/queens/sultans,are not a ''god or creator'' they haven't got the control on life/creation before or after here,i truly believe in god,I think faith is good thing though IMO although there is certain sects of religion especially in the past that kept the masses at bay
  9. where is the bigotry at celtic?
  10. kodjia is a huge loss,...still think villa will sneak a victory though 1-0 to the good guys
  11. then same again next larry this time ibrox on the sat,...that's the celtic v rangers games all done n dusted for next season,i think both games will be very close, hate playing at hampden a goal will decide it imo
  12. it the game starts at the same time as the villa v Birmingham city game aswell which is a bit of a bummer,il be switching channels or keeping tabs on the on the bbc website,also Barcelona v real madrid later on that night too,lots of big derby matches that day our game is getting played at hampden scotlands national stadium as itas the semi-final not too keen on the stadium since they made it an all seated arena in the 90s
  13. I was at that game,it was a cracking goal tbf
  14. RIP Ugo,Tragic news only 44 & seemed really fit for his age,my thoughts are with the family