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  1. noticed this myself Stu i know hes a good age,he usually updates the SPFL a lot which is strange,i hope hes OK and keeping well,during this pandemic
  2. No not this year,rangers have spent good n wisely,i mean late 90s,early 2000s.
  3. Barnes even had a better squad,Larsson,Viduka,Lambert,Burley,Stubbs etc But we where up against a very good Rangers side who spent a fortune, full of Dutch internationlists,also didnt help Larsson got that nasty leg break,Baenes was hopless though put a young home sick Petrov at RB,and his 4-2-2-2 formations WTF.
  4. An outbreak it seems. https://twitter.com/AVFCOfficial/sta...281712644?s=20
  5. Up hill strughle now leagues by now imho, i wanted lennon gone weeks ago i blame both him and our penny pinching board, Thought we played well up untill the sending off which i thought was a yellow,we lose to many goals this season from set pieces.
  6. cheers stu same bro,sorry cant qoute ye on my laptop due too adds n shite only on my phone incase ye think im being ignorant lol
  7. The Ibrox disaster in 71 when 66 fans died in a crush after a Rangers v Celtic game at ibrox,rangers scored a last min goal where fans died in a crush leaving the ground BTW i hope Larrys keeping well.
  8. Aye i could imagine Stu,just a shame fans werent in too sample it
  9. Beating LFC 7-2 imagine a crowd was there a full Holte end Surviving on the last day obv,massive. John McGinn for just being John McGinn and hes a good tim LOL
  10. Happy new yrs guys n gals UTV
  11. Cheers mate,aye,can only be a good thing for the locals as its on their door step instead having too travel miles away,its something a club of villas stature should be doing anyway.
  12. is this for the local public,the youth team or 1st team,if the latter havent villa got a cracking training ground already
  13. I havent been on lately or i would have posted this thread sooner,im suprised there wasnt a thread already on here as he's the most iconic footballer in the world,when you think of the greatest Maradona is the first name that springs too mind. Only 5ft'5 but a huge character in real life Rest in eternal peace Diego Armando Maradona. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_WU1ng2C9lEg/SSHnshxERBI/AAAAAAAABEg/KUJi0vnZQu0/s400/Maradonna_Hoops1.jpg
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