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  1. bit early for me freddy, I was there in the 80s. only Magee's I knew were from Nuneaton, although did now a lot of the Beduth lads.
  2. What school Freddy? I was at St Thomas Moore.
  3. Been in Coventry for the last 20 years. Up Wykin / Walsgrave area. 15 mine late for kick off on Tuesday due to the bloody M6. Although it's my side of town, sometimes the A45 is easier. From back end of nuneaton originally going towards Coleshill, Ansley Arley and galley common when it was just a small village.
  4. Freddy, if you are going A45 route back, this is the best parking and easiest way out I have found. Free parking on Chester street and walk in past Harley Davidson and manor tavern. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/52.4967897,-1.8811/52.507247,-1.8815173/@52.5023402,-1.8839631,15.42z/data=!4m19!4m18!1m15!3m4!1m2!1d-1.8835166!2d52.4983861!3s0x4870bca0f59e22df:0x6954ab61254d7d06!3m4!1m2!1d-1.8792331!2d52.5007723!3s0x4870bb5f2c46e8d1:0x34c31a79ea56aed!3m4!1m2!1d-1.8799672!2d52.5021487!3s0x4870bb58c322db31:0xd9c06c33825c8060!1m0!3e2 on the way out drive to the top of Ch
  5. Hopefully Chelsea will sign Luke Shaw from Southampton. give them another left back and push Bertrand further down the pecking order. he can then sign for us.
  6. nice touch by the club, hope he has a cracking day and the score goes the right way too.
  7. yep that would make the premiership exciting, everyone except the blues. would rather them dissapeared the other way.
  8. not since ive had a colour telly
  9. there's no deer around anymore anne, don't worry. We are getting little bit of a drubbing at the moment. I am down in Bournemouth next week playing. don't know the name of the course. Mate has booked it. Golf on Friday and clay pigeon shooting on the Saturday.
  10. Yep, playing at Stoneleigh Deer Park, warwickshire today. played there a few months ago. nice course. will be stopping off at the supermarket on the way back and stocking up on beer. looking forward to sitting down and watching this, pretty even contest, just hope the crowd behaves themselves not like last time it was held here.
  11. was around 99/2000. was playing for ambleside at the time we was the nuneaton ex's. we played the chaple end nursing cup on the easter sunday against jet blades, that went to extra time and replay. then the bedworth nursing cup on the monday. ended up losing both but won the league that year.
  12. Yep, good memories. i had that old concussion thing after playing on the oval in the bedworth nursing cup final one easter monday. playing AEI rugby and headed the back of somebodies head. made a right mess of the old snout, lost 3 - 2 in extra time then off to the walsgrave for an operation.
  13. Made me cringe. I broke my left leg twice in my playing career and both times i heard it crack. You never forget that noise. As you watch that tackle you see huttons leg flex. Very lucky reckon he opened the ankle joint up also. Cant see him being fit for norwich.
  14. you expect to pick up injuries through the season, we do seem to have picked up aour fair share, may be we feel it more because we have a small squad. we picked up another 3 yesterday. weimann out with knee medial ligaments after his clash with freidal. 6 weeks should give him a good rest ready for next season. heskey after his clash with sandro. should be fit for norwich hopfully. hutton only bruising to the shin. just watched the replay of the rose challenge. he went straight over the top of the ball and cant believe huttons leg did'nt break in two.
  15. Still the best player this season. we need to get more players on the same same level and ability.
  16. he is back with us but i think he is still injured.
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