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  1. Keep the faith Norwich have Liverpool, Man u, chelsea and man city Sunderland pretty similar fixtures Cardiff 5 points behind with a possible 12 to play for (two loses for them and a point for us) we have greater goal difference its going to be tight but 1, might be enough 3 or 4 definately enough But that dosnt mitigate against Mr Lambert who has had the money to spend and Mr Villa (Gareth Barry) wanted to come back, I do query his judgement
  2. Keep the faith Norwich have Liverpool Man u chelsea and man city Sunderlandpretty similar fixturea Cardiff 5 point behind we have greater goal difference its going ot be tight but 1, 3 or 4 point will be enough
  3. Arsenal V Wigan Head to Head http://www.arsenal-world.co.uk/head_to_head/next/vs/match/index.shtml Most recent 22nd dec 2012 0-1 to Arsenal Arteta Pen
  4. http://www.premierleague.com/content/premierleague/en-gb/fans/faqs/who-wins-league-if-teams-finish-on-same-points.html I dont know if this would also apply in the same conditions as to who gets relegated?
  5. We would be on 41 pts they would be on 39
  6. We have three chances left 1) Wigan need to beat Aresnal fail to do so and they are down 2) Sunderland need to avoid defeat at Spurs (which could be linked to the game above Spurs/Arsenal CL but Aresnals better goal difference over spurs and the fact they still have two to play probably means a draw would not be good enough for Spurs they need to win against Sunderland) 4 pts for arsenal puts them on 71 spurs are one 69 with to play 3) We need to avoid defeat at Wigan But ultimately its in our own hands at this stage
  7. Is Benteke Banned for the Wigan game?
  8. If Wigan fail to beat Arsenal on Tuesday they are down - A draw is not good enough. Its between us Wigan and Sunderland now A draw for us against Wigan will be enough (still in our own hands)
  9. Can anyone see a scenario where we and Wigan need only a point each to stay up? When teams have been relegated like QPR and Reading the pressure is then off and they start winning a game or two what odds on QPR beating Newcastle? West ham v Newcastle QPR V Newcastle Newcastle V Arsenal Newcastle have won one away all season and that was against us they lost 7-3 at Arsenal Beat QPR 1-0 at home They lost at home to Westham 0-1
  10. 4 games left Benteke needs to score at least 3
  11. Beat both Sunderland and Norwich and the game against Wigan could be meaningless Lose to both Sunderland and Norwich or pick up only a point in those two games and we are probably down before we play Wigan Beat either Sunderland or Norwich and it will probably come down to a win against Wigan Last day of season
  12. Only 5 times in our history have the fans had to contemplate relegation. Relegation is a massive question for our club but for me its broken down like this. Go down but keep Mr Lambert? Get rid of Mr Lambert and chance our luck? I'm resigned to the fact that Mr Lambert cant save us
  13. Not pretending but come on your not fancied or you dont fancy playing cos of that bruise on your shin - it stops you playing - where as you are one appearence away from a prem league winners medal your berating the phyiso to get you fit!
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