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  1. Quietly confident about this one despite having Jack missing again. Think we’ll have too much for Newcastle. 0-2 villa with goals from Ollie and Sanson. UTV. 👍🏻
  2. Bloody French have got a point, gutted, was hoping they'd stay on zero
  3. Something about the Swede, reckon she could be a bit on the dirty side, songs not too bad either I suppose.
  4. You'll like this bird from Austria
  5. Lol, looked at the TV and saw them huge tits then looked down and saw the pic you posted. I like Poland mmmmm
  6. The wife's got it on now, what's this pile of sh*t that's on now. Bit like the cheeky girls but there's more of them!
  7. Some of the women yes, but surely not the music?
  8. Tell me you're not really interested in this sh*t?
  9. Great read Peever. Just a real shame that the villa boys let you down yet again!
  10. Next goal, should there be one, is massive. Just hope that it goes to us.
  11. Just seen Shelvey's goal. Think Guzan could have done a lot better with that, didn't look like he even tried to stop it.
  12. Couldn't name them all but I would say as many as 7 came towards or turned towards the fans to applaud the support
  13. Yes they certainly do and more rust around the place than the costa concordia
  14. What a sh*t day out! How people can drive in London on a day to day basis god only knows. Moved about 15 miles in 1.5 hours. Shocking villa performance yet again and another defeat from players that arn't good enough to play in the championship. Tactically inept and void of ideas I think most could see that palace we're going to score. We go a goal behind then we start to look interested but it's too f**kin late. Substitutions should have been made earlier instead of trying to hang onto a point and waiting to go a goal down. I seriously can't see where the next point is going to come
  15. Another defeat but should be a good day out!
  16. 2 please Gary if you don't mind
  17. Is it too late to join the Party or is there still plenty of room/tickets available?
  18. I had one of them pastry pies yesterday, well there wasn't a lot of anything else in it.!
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