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  1. Soooooo, My nephew is only 5 and he showed some excitement when getting a vidic sticker, just pointed out to him its villa or a duffle bag with bricks in and a trip to the sea side lol
  2. Don't know what's worse, the fact he was a nose or that he's a glory hunter!!! Mixed feelings on that lol
  3. Even the drag acts are growing those stupid beards
  4. sad little man. Anyway. Will be a nail biting end for them but don't think they'll do it
  5. You are so full of sh*t, you can hardly have a dig at anyone YOU LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM AND STILL ONLY GO TO A COUPLE GAMES!!!! If I lived in brum and it wasn't an entire day away from work/home/the mrs I'd have an ST I go when I can afford to and have the time and usually when I have the time it means I'm not working so can't afford to!!
  6. Big day for them today, as much as I'll be sad to think the derby may never happen again there's a blue nose working with us at the moment and I'll thoroughly enjoy the p*ss taking that will happen next week at work. The banter has been going on for a while but this could be the pinnacle lol
  7. Why do you have to hate them for it to be a derby?? It's the club we're playing not the fans! Do you hate every single rangers fan? It's different with blues and villa, there's more chance of having blue noses in your family being a villa can than there is rangers and Celtic fans in the same family. I hate the blues but as has been proven with the Scottish league David is nothing without Goliath, I used to always know when the old firm was on it was all over sky and it produced and interest in the SPL, now I don't have a clue what's going on and I just presume that Celtic are at the top and
  8. Hate is a very strong word, I'd say I hate the club and their moronic supporters but I can't really hate all of them as I have uncles that are noses. I would prefer to hate them being in the prem than not so I don't wish for them to go down for the sole reason that it's a brilliant game. When they're in the prem I wish them all the misfortune in the world and I'm happy to see them he relegated as long as they come back in due course so we can smash em and send then down again! I also probably hate Liverpool more. I don't mind their genuine fans but their plastics are probably the most u
  9. Still baffles me the hatred, it's a good laugh having some banter and it's good to see them losing but for me I'd rather see them losing in the prem than league one. The derby games are awesome and the closest we usually get to a cup final. I had to wait years to see one because they were so sh*t for so long but crap of we never get to see one again.
  10. Hah, he's got a habit of doing that. I did think as when I commented last night it was just the picture lol
  11. Didn't think you'd be the type of guy to have a Star Trek uniform to hand just to take a selfie mike
  12. Lol, and I put a bet on number 1 lol
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