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  1. 25. Half the members on here can't even remember that far back. Lol. Happy birthday.
  2. Lol. He's half welsh and half Scottish yet he supports England. Great result tonight for Wales
  3. Cheers lads - appreciated, hope you all have good holidays and stuff
  4. Don't you worry mate, wear our villa tops with pride - that's the law.
  5. Cheers guys. Great day has been had. I go on holiday Friday for 10 days so I will miss the man utd game. Hate it anyway f**cking plastic mancs everywhere. Have a good 'un guys and I'm sure to catch up with ya as the season goes on. P.s. Give them mancs hell.
  6. I am a young 43 today and i started celebrating after our victory yeserday and will finish after i have taken the family out today .
  7. Yeah it is good fun. Providing it ain't too wet
  8. Happy belated birthday mate and here's to 51 more.
  9. It's sad that football hasn't evolved. Why do the old bill still treat fans like animals. I'm sure they prevoke trouble half the time just to justify their numbers and overtime rate.
  10. I have no time for any hooligan. Thankfully the dark days are behind us. As you know my eldest son is a season ticket holder and has been for years, I would never have took him if it was still like when I started going. I enjoy football for what it is - entertainment ( not sure about down the villa though ) lol
  11. The only trouble we normally have is trying to string 5 passes together.
  12. No issue. Just Anne jumping like a salmon into the net. Lol.
  13. Sorry you are perfectly correct. Hooliganism is the English disease. No other nation before or after has ever had any trouble. English hooligans 0 - rest of the world 'just having a carry on' 1
  14. No mate. Everyone was in Good spirits.
  15. Because you commented about England fans ripping up stadium. Dear dear memory going already. Lol
  16. I know that. Lol. But you did say you were both ( scotish and Irish ) singing about the English.
  17. Scotland - goal posts - wembley ?
  18. Anne I'm only playing - please don't take the bait.
  19. Seems typical to me, some people can give it out but can't take it. Whenever Ireland or Scotland get slagged of its "poor old us - England so and so's"
  20. The past is the past and no history lesson is needed. Does politics have a place at football.
  21. I bet it was great fun. It's just a shame none of you can concentrate on your own team instead of England. Just like villa singing about blues - which I know you hate.
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