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  1. Live life with no regrets !
  2. I'm going, with my eldest lad in tow. I'm driving and only 2 of us in the car so if anyone wants to jump in give me a shout or if your driving and have space for 2 give me a shout. Petrol money can be shared I am in south brum.
  3. Yeah mate addies is a miss. I will give the holte pub a go next home match. It would be good if we were to have a meeting place again with all avillafan members welcome.
  4. Freddy my man sorry to point something out but it's ALAN HUTTON -THE SCOTTISH CAFU ! i believe CAFU to be a Brazilian right back. But Scottish tattoo works. Lol.
  5. I will be honest in why i dont post on here anymore. what attracted me to this forum above all others in the beginning was the fact that anything and everything would be discussed. it would often get steamy but no offence was ever meant by anyone or taken by anyone. Things did often get heated but it was all good fun. Some members joined and would post about 100 posts a day just talking bollocks. If ever they were in a discussion and didnt like something you wrote they would spend all day going through old post or through internet pages just trying to prove you wrong, and heaven forbid they were wrong as there would be tears - no one on here likes me,im not posting again blah blah blah. for me it became a forum not of opinions - there is no wrong or right - its just an opinion. i still scroll through and laugh at Dimitri and Dorset and ofetn see Freddy and Anne on match days. again this is my opinion only - and good luck to you all
  6. see you there Freddy
  7. good luck to the ROI - hopefully see you in the next round - where your luck will run out.
  8. Thats what i was getting at - some peolpe will moan no matter what - because that makes them happy. I wasnt implying you personally i know you are a good fan and like a laugh but by golly some buggers dont half love moaning.
  9. Eastie - i agree at this present moment in time every fan should be moaning but some fans moan no matter what ! when we were winning under oneil some fans said the style of play was shite and we should be getting higher than 6th etc etc. we beat liverpool in a semi final at wembly and by the time i got home people had posted waste of time getting to a final we wont win, we will get bashed blah blah blah blah. as a general concensus everyone i speak to before the games has a little bit of optomism in them otherwise they wouldnt be there, it is easy to type thousands of posts of garbage. i dont think there is a competition of who is the best fan, i myself can only afford 3 season tickets per year and i try to make 1 away trip, what pisses me off is when people cant be arsed to go when they could but feel the need to slag the team off on web sites. people go to way more games than me but if were to cut me you would see my blood runs claret and blue. the competition should be who is the most moaning, negative bitchly little fan ? some fans NEVER type when we do well.
  10. Loyal - you have to remember that some fans love to moan - even when we are winning. It is generally the ones who sit on their lap tops watching the games that are overly critical and only repeat what a commentator has said trying to make themselves more important than they really are. Every villa fan that possibly can should make their way to villa park next season - be part of the regeneration !
  11. villa in the blood - i have renewed mine and my lads
  12. He was going to open it but he dropped the keys
  13. His statement sound like loyal or me after a session on the Stella.
  14. Gaz, i wouldn't even keep Hutton. yes he may have looked ok at times but his shite positional sence has cost us a good few goals this season.
  15. IT is with great sadness in my heart that I hear what you say.