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  1. good luck to the ROI - hopefully see you in the next round - where your luck will run out.
  2. Thats what i was getting at - some peolpe will moan no matter what - because that makes them happy. I wasnt implying you personally i know you are a good fan and like a laugh but by golly some buggers dont half love moaning.
  3. Eastie - i agree at this present moment in time every fan should be moaning but some fans moan no matter what ! when we were winning under oneil some fans said the style of play was shite and we should be getting higher than 6th etc etc. we beat liverpool in a semi final at wembly and by the time i got home people had posted waste of time getting to a final we wont win, we will get bashed blah blah blah blah. as a general concensus everyone i speak to before the games has a little bit of optomism in them otherwise they wouldnt be there, it is easy to type thousands of posts of garbage. i dont think there is a competition of who is the best fan, i myself can only afford 3 season tickets per year and i try to make 1 away trip, what pisses me off is when people cant be arsed to go when they could but feel the need to slag the team off on web sites. people go to way more games than me but if were to cut me you would see my blood runs claret and blue. the competition should be who is the most moaning, negative bitchly little fan ? some fans NEVER type when we do well.
  4. Loyal - you have to remember that some fans love to moan - even when we are winning. It is generally the ones who sit on their lap tops watching the games that are overly critical and only repeat what a commentator has said trying to make themselves more important than they really are. Every villa fan that possibly can should make their way to villa park next season - be part of the regeneration !
  5. villa in the blood - i have renewed mine and my lads
  6. He was going to open it but he dropped the keys
  7. His statement sound like loyal or me after a session on the Stella.
  8. Gaz, i wouldn't even keep Hutton. yes he may have looked ok at times but his shite positional sence has cost us a good few goals this season.
  9. IT is with great sadness in my heart that I hear what you say.
  10. I am not trying to get everyone involved as everyone can do what the hell they want, but I was just thinking what I could do to try to vent or release some of my anger at the wasters we call players.I have came up with an idea When I attend the match on Saturday with my 2 boys I am going to try to get there for about midday then go to the players car park where I will be holding an old blanket with your not fit to wear the shirt on it. I will print off about 50 sheets of paper with the same comment on and try to put them up on the railings. I will then give dogs abuse to anyone who goes onto that car park. I am contemplating the good old throwing of tomatoes and old cabages. If we could get a few hundred to do this it would be good. Everyone with your not fit to wear the shirt banners.
  11. He gets stick mainly because the way he left us.
  12. Like who ? The only one worse than lescott is that pr*ck bacuna. Fat boy Gabby is on a par with lescott and the rest are slightly better but still no where near good enough for our club.
  13. We live In times when the word legend is used freely but for God it is an understatement. I can't believe you have defended lescott. For me he is one of the worst players to ever wear the famous claret and blue. Then again you can't see it all on hi lights
  14. Lescott is a c**t. And I ain't been on the p*ss.
  15. How can he say that players tried to build bridges with their performance today. ? We lost and we were relegated !!! do they even know.