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  1. I've extended the decking at the end of my garden, done a load of planting and with the help of a site on YouTube called School of Wok cooked some extremely nice Thai and Chinese food. I've also put on half a stone eating it so as the knees have recovered from doing the decking I'm off out for a long walk, while my trousers still fit. As much as I try to distract myself though I'm still missing the pub badly.
  2. I shall raise a glass in memory of all four of my grandparents who all did their bit. Larry, that line says it all..."We held the line for liberty"...I've had my fill today of people down playing what this nation did. We could have taken the easy way out in 1939 just as Russia and The USA did. but we didn't we went to the aid of others, we didn't wait until we were attacked to react.
  3. I don't watch it, but the clips I see assure me that I'm sane compared to that lot....I may be schizophrenic but I'm good people.
  4. Its almost 2 months since the suspension of football started, a preseason is required for match fitness and with so many infections still taking place some clubs are likely to find their squads decimated for weeks on end. Some want to void the season others think finish it with current tables being the final table, either option is likely to result in legal challenges. Premier league clubs can play behind closed doors, lower league clubs rely on matchday revenue, the league is a pyramid all games or none have to be played. Assuming it is considered safe in July they should start preseason as normal, play out this seasons remaining league games, promotions and relegations should take place and then start next season slightly later having suspended all European and cup football for that one season. Hopefully come the 2021/22 season we can return to normal but as flu viruses tend to return each winter there is a very real possibility that in 12 months we will be where we are now.
  5. Are you implying that you weren't already ?😎
  6. I was leaning toward Gray alongside Shaw with Little tucked in behind or more a free role, he was such a clever player. I want to accommodate, Mortimer, Sid, Barry and Grealish as well but now I'm left with no width and only 3 outfield spaces left one of which goes to McGrath. So one of those midfield four has to be sacrificed. I've settled on a system, 4 3 3 with the width coming from my full backs/wing backs So far I have McGrath, Evans, Gidman, Staunton, Mortimer, Sid, Barry, Little, Gray and Shaw. I've gone for a creative but solid midfield. Others I considered were Grealish, Swain, Wright, McNaught, Mellberg, Laursen, Merson, Withe, Dublin, Morley, Atkinson, Saunders, Cropley, Nicholl, Yorke and Platt. I can't settle on a keeper, sentiment says Rimmer, longevity says Spink but we have had some great keepers. Maybe Burridge for entertainment value or Enkleman to give the opposition a sporting chance, they'd need it if we could make a team/squad from that lot.
  7. I've been going for 45 years, I've sat here thinking for 10 minutes and I'm giving myself a headache. I have two who start, McGrath and Sid. The headache comes because my other two "certs" played a very similar role...how the hell do you pick one from Little and Shaw ?
  8. Not had that problem with beer, I nearly always buy bottles of ale that are not part of a pack, must have done so in most of the large chains this past couple of weeks...though not Morrisons.
  9. Us not getting relegated is a positive, but then again we all know there was never any real danger of that😉 As for Liverpool that is a mixed bag, on the one hand its funny, but the whining will be unbearable...though ironic, "we wuz robbed" coming from a scouser always is.
  10. A very valid point that I've not yet heard at the end there Rich...any squad with an infected player or two would likely be decimated and potentially unable to field anything like a full strength team for weeks possibly months.
  11. Its not getting any easier is it, I have to keep queueing outside Tesco's...my local is opposite, brews all his own Ales and I am really missing his Peanut Stout, His Pecan and Blueberry Stout, his Snickers Stout, his Vanilla Stout and his Stout Stout.
  12. Oh well, if all the newspapers are right he'll be f**cking off to Manchester soon anyway. I'm certainly not hearing Grealish commit to "his" club to end these rumours, which considering our position would be a welcome boost.
  13. Following the news and reading all sorts of articles it seems likely that this isn't going away any time soon, the more optimistic forecasts are hoping we'll be over the worst by May but when reading about a return to any semblance of normality the optimists talk of 6 months, the pessimists up to 2 years. Personally I think next season kicking off on time is 50/50 at best.
  14. I stand outside my local, pressed up against the window gazing in and silently weeping😢
  15. I'm not sure what he is accused of, we are all still going out at some point so could easily be involved in a minor bump.
  16. dorset lion


    I wont hoard and I'll have to get hungry before I consider standing around outside closed supermarkets, I figured that the worst of this panic buying would be over within a week or two and after my trip to the shops this afternoon and a chat with a few shop workers I think I was right. It took visits to 4 shops but I got everything I needed bar bog roll and while I can do handstands in the shower that isn't one of life's essentials. But thanks to the idiots we now have "temporary" legislation being discussed in parliament tomorrow, in all likelihood we are about to be placed under a curfew and all sorts of other restrictions.
  17. It wasn't just Xia though, half of our recently published annual losses of £60 odd million was money owed to Lerner. When I say irreparable I mean no quick fix, that this is going to be a long process. You can only sign what is available within your budget and as no signing is guaranteed to succeed and every club signs numerous flops then having to sign a dozen in one summer was always going to see us struggle.
  18. dorset lion


    I don't see any benefit in this for the Chinese, whether this came from their filthy markets or escaped from a Wuhan lab the level of secrecy within China when this first emerged, the silencing of Doctors trying to raise the alarm and the fact that those doctors are now dead, is when the dust has settled going to raise a lot of questions about our reliance on China because of globalisation. Our political class and business leaders sold us out to China for profit, I think the business and political landscape is about to change drastically. I think those in favour of carbon neutral no matter the economic impact, globalists and the open border crowd will struggle to claim the moral high ground from now on. People are getting a very harsh lesson in just how fragile civilisation is.
  19. Lansbury will be gone when his contract expires, like so many others in recent years for no fee after costing a few million and hardly ever playing. We are drifting into what I'm discussing on the WHAT WOULDYOU DO ? thread I started, don't know if you want to merge that with this one.
  20. I just googled the squad that got us promoted, 17 players that we had signed, one or two of them still on our books and not one of them either able to get into our team, any other PL team or start regularly in our Championship team. All released on a free, for a nominal fee or will be when their contracts finally expire. They were the recruits of our 4 previous managers, all draining club coffers and under FFP restricting our ability to sign the sort of players that other PL clubs want to sign. Basically I think this club was damaged beyond repair, it was in need of a complete rebuild and the biggest mistake Smith made if your only viewing this as a footballing problem was in getting us promoted. The flip side of that though is wherever we are next season we will have PL cash, very little deadwood within the squad and a youngish squad of potential talent. If Smith is still here in 12 months and we are mid table in the Championship then I think he has failed.
  21. dorset lion


    Makes a lot of sense but money is the driving force that drives football, not sense or fairness and with TV contracts to be honoured as well as players contracts ending in June somebody somewhere is going to lose out. You could defer contracts so that if Sky paid for 5 seasons that is what they get albeit spread over 6 years and the same with players but that would bankrupt a lot of clubs.
  22. If we aren't careful in another couple of seasons we'll have in place the man who replaced the man who replaced Smith and another squad full of McCormacks, Hogans and Lescotts. Panic buys done more in hope than with any kind of plan. I'm not convinced by Smith but I think at some point we just have to give somebody time.
  23. How can people discuss anything when as soon as anyone says something politically incorrect they are labelled a Nazi and driven from society by Woko Haram.
  24. Unfortunately too many people believe that whitey has got it coming, and plenty are making sure he/she gets it. I'd be very careful wishing for Karma if I were you, Karma isn't historical. In this instance Karma if we ever get it will fall on people like you.
  25. I read an article yesterday that said what is under consideration is Liverpool will be crowned champions, I don't think anyone will have a problem with that. That those in the European positions will qualify and those still in contention for a European placing will go into the qualifying rounds. Nobody in the PL will be relegated but Albion and Leeds will be promoted as they are most likely so that the 2020/21 season will have a 22 team PL with 5 teams relegated and that the league cup will be suspended for one season to allow for the extra fixtures. I doubt any of the 22 will have a big problem with that, not so sure about those below PL level.
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