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  1. Deano seems to have hit on something with this system, we are creating so many chances now and with real quality on the bench players know they have to perform. UTV
  2. Onwards and upwards, the project took a bit of a knock, Grealish is yesterdays news. I see a lot of reasons to think we can improve on last seasons 55 points, where that sticks us I do not know but most seasons another 3 wins would see us challenging for the top 4 and that should be our aim. UTV
  3. Keep Grealish, keep Grealish and keep Grealish would be my three. Of all the players we've been connected to Ward-Prowse is the only one who improves our first eleven and as much as I'd love to sign him that deal seems dead, we have a lot of players that wont start much unless there are injuries, I see little point in adding more. We keep being told we have some great youngsters, I'd like to see a lot more of them this season.
  4. Sky are reporting that City have bid £100 million for Kane, I'd be surprised if they are going to part with that kind of cash twice in one window. As for McGinn this might be heresy around here but he hasn't been the player we saw in the Championship very often this past two seasons, he and Luis were average at best in far too many games last season. There's talent in both, I'd like to keep both for now but if a silly offer came in for either I'd sell.
  5. Tammy coming in would certainly create some competition up front but its the midfield and wings that need improving or we'll just have another isolated striker. Jack aside not one of the players in those areas has consistently performed well, we need a couple of genuine 40 million pound players in the middle.
  6. I'd welcome European football next season for all the reasons Markymark has pointed out, but Its going to take one hell of a turnaround in form looking at the teams we have left to play. I'll be happy enough with a strong finish to the season, a good summer in the transfer window and then hopefully see what this lot can do in front of a packed Villa Park when next year anything less than European football will be seen as a failure.
  7. We came up without a team, you can't recruit the amount of players we had to recruit these past two summers, remain with FFP and buy ready made top quality players. We are heading in the right direction, have a bit of patience.
  8. We are on the up, while that remains the case I'm happy. Its the summer transfer market that really has my interest as I think if we can sign a couple of attack minded players that improve what we have then we'll have a team that can go up against the very best and win.
  9. Excellent result, I don't wish to have a go at any individual considering the excellent season so far but we've looked far to pedestrian and sloppy in midfield of late, it needed freshening up.
  10. My Nephew, who is a fit and healthy 45 year old has been on a ventilator for about 3 weeks. Funny thing is in that part of the family he is the one who is into keep fit and all the unhealthy ones who tested positive didn't need hospital treatment.
  11. With so many players testing positive and the premier league applying different rules to the FA I don't see how next weeks games can go ahead. I'm expecting the season to be postponed in the next few days either by the league or the government. My main concern is long covid, some of these players may be unable to play for weeks/months and potentially it could be a career ender as it reportedly causes lung damage.
  12. All of the above combine to create the best of them all....I have a club to be proud of again, never stopped loving them but living nowhere near Villa Park and being mocked by Bournemouth fans was taking its toll. 10 years of just taking consolation in not being a bluenose was wearing a bit thin ! UP THE VILLA
  13. I'll take a point against Chelsea, I thought we looked a bit flat at times which after Boxing Day is no great surprise. Onwards and upwards, lets go stuff the Mancs at the weekend.
  14. I've heard Deano is considering giving Chelsea a sporting chance by fielding 11 players😎 It'll be a tough game but I'm quietly confident...El Ghazi and Traore get another game in which to convince DS that Barkley and Trez need not be first choice and Konsa and Hause get to play together again in the absence of Mings, who if that 2nd half against Palace is anything to go by may well come to regret that sending off because we looked better without him.
  15. That performance today was a bit special, we should have been 2 or 3 up before Mings got him self sent off, but even before that Palace had come back into it and were starting to look dangerous. At half time I thought we'd be lucky to get a draw and then we go and rip them apart with 10 men, absolutely fantastic performance. As for Mings. as good a player as he often is, he can at times be so unprofessional. The first booking was needless, the second one is a case of taking one for the team that is understandable after 80 minutes, not 40.
  16. Another game that we should have won and didn't, but at least we didn't throw away all 3 points with careless defending this time, so a small positive. Its a bit frustrating but we have improved so much I don't want to criticise individuals. UTV
  17. Not seen the game, just followed the online Sky commentary and stats, doesn't sound like there was much in it, though the Dingles seem to think were robbed which after 3 years of their "mind the gap" arrogance makes victory almost as sweet as just stuffing 'em. UTV
  18. This lot have got a lot of mouthy fans who I'd really like to silence.
  19. Sloppy in defence again, missed chances again and we were the better team again. I'm not too despondent yet, but we need to sort this out quickly before losing becomes a habit. As for VAR Its harsh but accurate and should be black and white in 99.9% of offside cases, Watkins was offside but if you can see that then you can see the defender with two arms around his neck is the reason his arm was flailing, so either give a penalty or play advantage and let the goal stand.
  20. I blame MON and Lerner, MON for walking out in a way that caused maximum damage after blowing a fortune on players he wouldn't use and Lerner for allowing the clubs finances to be run in to the ground.
  21. Excellent result, well deserved though still got frustrated at times when we got a bit sloppy when ceding possession cheaply too often. Good team performance, Trez worked his bollocks off yet again and deserves a place in the starting 11. UTV
  22. They are favourites but we are perfectly capable of beating them but I'd be happy with a draw just to stop two defeats in a row becoming a losing streak.
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