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  1. Looked like it was going to be a cricket score for a while, not sure if we eased off or Fulham woke up. Maybe a bit of both but we never really looked in any danger. Mings and Konza are forming a good partnership. Cash looked good, Luis continues to impress since lockdown as does Trez and Watkins may not have scored a league goal yet but he works hard, has some good build up play and gets into the positions to score, goals will come. UTV
  2. Both teams will be viewing this as a potential 3 points. I really don't know what to expect, those defensive frailties of pre lockdown are bound to reoccur at some point but hopefully not anywhere near as often and in theory we now have an attack worthy of the name so could become a free scoring team. Either way I won't get too carried away or too despondent, its likely to take a few weeks before we can take a guess at how this season pans out.
  3. The Loftus-Cheek story seems to be gathering pace, I hope it remains just a story. Injury prone and underwhelming.
  4. Sheffield are solid defensively with 10 or 11 men, so well done Villa for finding a way through. A team is taking shape, injuries could yet cause issues but we have a starting 11 that looks half decent.
  5. It's crossed my mind but I think we'll be ok, in fact if the post lockdown improvement was a sign of players getting use to each other and this league and Watkins can step up we could well be this seasons surprise package.
  6. What are the limits for Aston Villa ? With our history, fanbase and geographical location ( huge city within a shortish drive for at least half the UK population ) I don't see any. FFP prevents us doing it overnight like Chelsea or City but it can be done, the cartel at the top isn't as impenetrable as it once was.
  7. It is good news, there was always the possibility of a late bid which would have left us right up a certain creek. Now lets hope the owners continue to show ambition.
  8. Benrahma looks an exciting player but even if we sign nobody else I see reasons to be optimistic that we'll do better this season.
  9. Glad that's done, of all the names we've been linked to he is the one I wanted. I really believe we are assembling what could go on to be a very good team in the coming years.
  10. I had a feeling Southgate wouldn't play him, this is now looking a bit personal or just stubbornness because everyone is calling for Jack to be given a chance. Frankly Southgate is setting himself up for a fall and it'll be fully deserved.
  11. Never heard it put like that before Larry but concentration and been in sync with you're team mates is obviously a very big part of the game. The line about having a good game without touching the ball made me chuckle, I thought blimey we had some real stand out performances in that case last season....Maybe that's why Jack can't get a start for England, he touches the ball to damned much !
  12. I'd imagine that selling clubs and agents tip the press off in the hope of a bidding war, can't see how it could benefit a buying club. Latest update is the Watkins deal is nearly done, of the players linked he seems the best option so far. So 🤞
  13. Getting linked with Joshua King now, another low scoring striker nearing the age of 30. What the hell are we playing at ?
  14. If we lose out its entirely out own fault, should have wrapped this one up weeks ago.
  15. A belated welcome to Villa Park to Matty Cash, the sort of signing that makes sense on the pitch and financially which is more than can be said for the reported £21 million we are offering for Callum Wilson, which makes no sense at all. If that is to be our "improvement" up front we are in for another relegation battle.
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