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  1. RIP Brian Cant....a reworking of a childhood classic
  2. Not if they've got a fit wife they wont All joking aside I'll be delighted if we sign him, Bruce has stopped us folding at the first sign of danger, but I still don't see a real leader out on that pitch, Terry should add that.
  3. Slightly delayed there Pat, he died 6 years ago.
  4. Good to see Corny is back on line, I hope that means all went well.
  5. There is always the chance if he came here it would not work though with his leadership qualities and commitment I think it would probably be a good move, as for the cash that's the clubs concern. He has options, he could go abroad and earn a fortune, he could stay in the PL at a mid table club and achieve nothing or he could come here and try and get us promoted, who knows he might just enjoy the challenge. If he does come here it wont be for the money.
  6. Didn't notice what thread this was in when I responded first time, keep that sense of humour.....and find a new travel agent.
  7. All the best Corny, sure you'll be fine. Its almost routine now.
  8. I remember that Fella, all the more remarkable as he wasn't born until 1984. The first foetus to score in a cup final
  9. RIP to Adam West, the real Batman and a great bloke.
  10. There are many forms of Islam and Wahhabism is one of them. Most of us are decent enough to take people as we find them irrespective of their race or religion but we have to stop ignoring and excusing the shite that comes with Islam.
  11. When it comes to their attitude to spending Labour hasn't changed, Corbyn was making all sorts of promises and intending to spend an extra £250 billion over the next parliament when we still have a deficit of about £1 billion a week. That means although the Tories have spent 7 years trying to rid us of the deficit and have reduced it by about half our national debt is still increasing by more than £50 billion a year, in interest alone we pay about £35 billion a year on that debt. To put that into context the entire UK education budget is about £70 billion a year. If we don't get the deficit under control we lose our triple A rating and have an even higher interest rate stuck on us. This isn't a game, it is possible to become a failed bankrupt state, look at Greece. Then we would know what suffering is. I agree that there always seems to be money available for certain things but that ignores how government works, it is cumbersome and wasteful and whenever the Tories try to make changes Labour scream blue murder about the evil Tories killing babies or some such nonsense. We have nearly 1200 quangos, ranging from health trusts to the forestry commission, local authority development boards or the Charities commission, the head of which is the highest taxpayer funded pen pusher of the lot at just under £1 million a year. Under new Labour they increased the number of people working in these type of jobs by over a million, in the expectation that they would vote Labour to keep their unnecessary jobs. Over 5 million people work for quangos, a lot are needed but many are not and it costs us over £60 billion a year. That snap of Corbyn, so much sense there about arms sales and banking, but he also wants unlimited immigration. I'm afraid that it is simple mathematics, more Muslims = more extremists = more terrorists.
  12. Let me but it in layman's terms...if you earn £500 pound a week and spend £400 pound a week you soon have a very healthy bank balance but if you earn £500 and spend £600 you are soon in deep sh*t and the longer you spend more than you earn the more it will hurt paying it back. And that is about as brief a story of British politics over the past 50 years that I can give, so who's the working mans friend ? Labour who always spend money we don't have, knowing full well that when the bill has to be settled it is the poor who suffer because you have to make cuts, if it was as easy as just raising taxes why didn't they do it ? I don't agree with a lot of what the Tories are doing but cuts have to be made, I know where I would make them but neither Labour or the Tories will touch the Quangos or foreign aid.
  13. Read what I was responding to again ye p*ss 'ed........the Tories weren't mentioned. But for the record Labour abandoned the working class years ago.
  14. A little contradictory maybe but perfectly understandable, the first two have policies that will protect the country and those ( the working class ) who will suffer most and the Labour party will stop all the cuts, the great shame is that many of their policies have and will lead to more cuts eventually.
  15. But 65 year olds wont be able to retire soon as the retirement age is going up to 68, courtesy of Labour bankrupting the nation and by the time you come to retire it may well be 70 before you can, and by the time your kids come to that age there is a good chance there will no longer be a state pension. In fact if we did what you suggest and stop older people voting the politicians will really take the p*ss with pensioners and we will all be there one day.