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  1. Storm Ewan is hitting tonight, with a couple of weeks of bad weather predicted to follow, I'd hold off on any none emergency work.
  2. I would have tried it while Cissoko was still here, Amavi is better in the attacking half and been freed of his defensive duties could make him a real threat.
  3. At last, puts a bit more room between us and the bottom 3. It would be nice to think we could spend the remainder of the season developing and improving as a team but I wont get my hopes up as we all know the script by now, we'll lose to Bristol and spend the next couple of months anxiously looking over our shoulder just longing for the season to finish.
  4. Been a bit windy but still mild, I had my shorts on in the garden a few days ago though its cooled again now its still warm for February.
  5. My grandkids are 4 and 5 which in the case of the older one is the age that mine were having their first little taste of freedom, we lived in a quiet cul de sac with a little green and play area out the front so we could watch them. My daughter on the other hand lives in a 2nd floor flat with very busy roads on her doorstep, its going to be a long time before they get to play out. I think that is the sad reality for millions of kids now who not only can't play out, they don't have a garden either. When I was a kid a flat is what you got when you left home, once kids came along you moved into a house. Never mind those great games they will miss out on its the learning to be self sufficient, to stand on your own two feet and be independent....when I was about 10 me and my mates had made a den in an old abandoned farm, built a barbeque with bricks and an old birdcage, got hold of a few pots and pans and Saturday mornings we would spend our pocket money on stuff like sausages and beans and cook our own dinner. We built rafts and sailed ( and sank ) on the river, we built our own bikes from bits we scrounged at the tip and just generally had a great time growing up.....yes kids are missing out in a way that is harming their development.
  6. Best of luck from a man who is proud to be 25% Kentish. UTV
  7. Assuming we wont take 6 points from the next two home games I'd be happy with a draw and the win over Bristol which is a 6 pointer now, I'd rather have two wins but this is The Villa....two wins on the trot is for dreamers.
  8. You worried me there for a minute Larry.....wasn't sure which one of us was having a senior moment.
  9. We're 4 points above Bristol in 21st but 6 off the drop zone, only bottom 3 drop in the Championship Larry unless I and the table on the BBC website are both wrong.
  10. Just looking at what the 22nd placed teams final points tally has been the past 5 years, from last season going back....40,41,44,54,40....assuming Rotherham are as good as gone, Blackburn and Wigan are without a turnaround in form bang on course for somewhere in the 40 to 44 points range. Without being complacent we should be safe but if we should drop to the 3rd tier for the 2nd time in our history then lets hope history repeats we can look forward to been champions of Europe in 2030.
  11. A 2-0 defeat up there is no great surprise, I'm more concerned by the injury to Hogan. Reading the Birmingham Mail a moment ago it seems the jury is still out on how bad it is, with a bit of luck ( and we're long overdue some ) it'll just be a sprain and a week or two out. We need to halt this slide now, next 3 games Derby and Bristol at VP, Rotherham excuses, 3 wins and we can breath easy, 3 defeats and we are in big trouble.
  12. One of the greatest and most underrated bands ever, but with no Hugh Cornwell they can be little more than a tribute band. Though I agree well worth a visit, I watch a few tribute bands, not much choice really as I love live music but most of my heroes are either dead or past it.
  13. 1964.....while you were getting your heart broken I was having my arse slapped by a midwife. I was never good enough to even request a trial but I would give anything to have played for the Villa. Even now when I come up for a game the thrill of just walking up to Villa Park makes me feel like a kid again, its why I come, its certainly not for the quality football
  14. We stopped paying big under Lerner years ago, that's why we signed so much dross and I'd be surprised if Xia is shelling out PL wages now. Maybe I'm kidding myself but I'd like to think that as a club we are still a draw.
  15. In the past couple of weeks I have heard Merson refer to us as a big club, McCormack say he struggled because its a massive club and Hourihane say before he signed that the lure of Aston Villa was too much to turn down, we are on our knees, have been for 7 years and still pull in crowds that most PL clubs can't.......we are a big club. We haven't grown over the past couple of decades like some but unlike most clubs with the right owner we could. Pressure from fans or just the weight of the clubs history may well be making it harder for some players but a man with the right mental attitude should grow when he pulls that shirt on not shrink.