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  1. I don't think I've ever said this before......I hope we lose, that will mean the Noses having to beat Huddersfield or go into the last game in the bottom 3.
  2. Your been no more simplistic than me Mark. Cromwell is only relevant in as much that human nature hasn't changed, the types who tend to seek power often are the very ones who will abuse it. This debate has raged for years, for some reason that I've never heard explained all concerned agree that if you abolish the Monarchy you need a head of state and it seems that the PM isn't it. They all seem to think we would need a PM and a President like France. Personally I don't see why a PM couldn't be head of state like a president is in the USA, only difference I see is that we vote for a party not its leader. My main concern is that I don't trust the politicians to replace the current system with anything better as the only thing they all seem to agree on is that one of them will be President. Anyhow whatever happens lets at least wait until William has been King, he might paint the palace claret and blue.
  3. How does the Monarch keep the ambitions of politicians in check you ask......well we got rid of the monarchy once and ended up with a man many see as a tyrant, an MP who gave himself the title Lord Protector, and when he passed he handed the title onto his son, a man history now calls Tumbledown Dick. It was a bloody and unstable time in our history and it wasn't too long before it was decided that the restoration of a Monarch would be no bad idea, though the Monarch would be a figurehead with no real powers. Can you imagine the likes of Blair and Mandelson with unlimited power ? one of the few powers the Monarch has but has as yet never used is the power to dissolve Parliament and demand an election. That is why I say it stops a politician from gaining absolute power and I didn't say the Queen has kept peace in Europe, that would be a ludicrous claim considering how many wars the politicians have taken us into in the past century, I said that as a nation we have enjoyed stability. I agree with your sentiments about privilege but that exists in every society, always has and always will but having a head of state who is above politics has served us well, I'm not some flag waving monarchist just pragmatic, what would we replace it with ? and bear in mind the people who would get to make that decision.
  4. I have no strong opinions either way on the Monarchy, though if we have to have a German as head of state I'd sooner it was her Maj than Merkel. What I do have strong feelings about is the Lords and the honours system, those I'd abolish and maybe having Royalty is no bad thing, it certainly keeps the ambitions of some politicians in check. We have enjoyed a stable nation for centuries, as have most other European nations that still have Monarchs, so is it such a bad thing ?
  5. I don't think the Villa players will know what's hit them if they score and the Villa fans start booing, not going to help anyone's Holte End hero status if they become known as the saviour of the Noses
  6. All over, bragging rights are ours.....though next week I reckon several thousand Villa fans will be cheering on Blackburn at Ewood Park.
  7. I think its because we and the Noses have developed a sense of mutual respect that borders on love for our fellow Brummies
  8. I'm fine thanks Peev, in better shape than McCormack by the look of it
  9. Its possible that they could drop in to the bottom 3 if we beat them, that would be most enjoyable.
  10. Klein, Zeewulf......bah humbug
  11. Best wishes from me Corny, sure you'll be fine. Seems nowadays its the poor sods who didn't know there was a problem who keel over.
  12. RIP Ugo, its no age to go, thoughts with his family.
  13. Keep posting your views and ignore the fact sometimes we can be belligerent grumpy gits
  14. I don't see this as good news, straight red is a 3 match ban, to reduce it to 1 match means it should have been a yellow at worst. We've already been punished having him sent off, now he's going to miss the one game we all care about, its been a poor season, sticking another nail in the Noses coffin would make it a bit sweeter.
  15. Hello mate, been a while hope all is well. Whatever issue's McCormack has I hope he gets himself sorted and ready for next year, a player capable of scoring 20 goals a season might come in handy.