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  1. I agree Mini. They certainly had a place at one point, but they have outlived their usefulness, at least in the western world. If all these union leaders are so worried about workers, why don't they move to China where they are actually needed. The answer starts with an M and rhymes with sunny.
  2. Obama wants to lower corporate tax rate to 28%. Will be fun to see how democrats try to spin this as what they wanted, and how republicans try to spin this as another communist move by Obama. My country is so annoying.
  3. That is now 4. You are right. I have no idea. Not left wing militant. What a good joke.
  4. No. I read opinions I disagree with because I am not too tied up in my ideology to accept I may be wrong. Do not project your shortcomings on me. Read a little bit of Thatcher talking about Victorian Values. Time and time again she spoke of the Victorian Values of selflessness and benefaction. Actual quote. "Free society is morally better . . . because it entails dispersal of power away from the center to a multitude of smaller groups and individuals" What a totalitarian bitch. Do you just believe everything that is in the newsletter?
  5. So you completely disregard the argument you tried to use against me. Got it.
  6. So your only argument against me was I could not know since I did not live through it. Taking aside how ridiculous that comment is considering I remember you being about the same age as me, which means you did not live through it/were not an adult during it, there are now two people who were actually adults in the UK when Thatcher was PM and they both disagree with you. Seems your argument has flipped a bit. Since you were not an adult through the Thatcher administration, how can you argue with these two that were? And do not try your patented write something long enough that people
  7. I quoted numbers 5 years after she left, but I am sure someone who lived through it would know she left in 90, not 88.. The spending numbers are during her administration only, and only were about education, social security, and health. Nothing to do with unemployment or transfer payments. The rest of the FACTS are hardly that. You mean as population increases, the number of unemployed do to? It is amazing. How could anyone over the age of 12 ever work that out. 2.5 million people were unemployed in 1930, I guess that means you guys are doing worse now than you were then. "Th
  8. If you do not understand that a politicians influence does not stop the day they leave office, especially in the economy, then there is nothing much I can do for you. Again. No facts. Just what your mom and dad told you. The statement, "all you have is numbers," is hilarious. You mean all I have are actual FACTS (done sarcastically since you cannot hear my tone).
  9. That is just not true. If I was to call what your reasons are for hating Thatcher data, it would be hyperbole and anecdotal at best. From 1982, when her policies really started to take hold, until 2000, a full 10 years after her term ended, the only period of poor growth was 90-91, and that was caused by the aggregate supply shock of the early 90s when Iraq invaded Kuwait and sent oil prices soaring. You can huff, puff, and yell all you would like, but on this issue, you are simply wrong. Here are actual facts, adjusted for inflation in various ways and in US dollars. GDP 1980 - 541
  10. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204792404577225301719346924.html?mod=WSJ_article_comments#articleTabs%3Dcomments Interesting article about the application of Classical/Supply Side economic ideas.
  11. The head of the party, which would be the head of the Republican or Democratic National Conventions, does not usually run for president, or if they do, they give up the head of the RNC/DNC before they run. What will happen is over the course of the spring and summer, the Republicans in every state will hold elections. These elections are not voting for a certain candidate per say, but they are voting for delegates that we will send to the RNC convention on August 27th. If you vote for Romney, you are voting for a delegate that supports Romney to go, ect. Those delegates then elect who wi
  12. Organizers of the conference fed us yesterday, and now I am sick on the john at 4:45 in the morning. I guess that is one way to ensure everyone is up on time.
  13. I don't think any of it is fair, but I think it is the inevitable conclusion of the road the people of the UK decided to walk down. Government is inherently inefficient and corrupt, and if you put all of your well being (health care, retirement, banking, ect.) into their hands, you are bound to fail. The governments role is fairly simple. Protect you from other people. Protect you from other countries. Ensure that fair and equitable trade can occur in the markets. As soon as they start to do more or less than that, things seems to turn to sh*t. As an example, one reason the housing
  14. 2.67 million isnt the number. The 8.4% is the number. Every country has a natural rate of unemployment that exists whether the economy is doing well or not. From what I can tell, the UK's NRU is somewhere around 6%. So, with that said, an extra 2.4 percent unemployment is not bad considering the state of the world economy. To hear you tell it the world is falling down, which as I said before is understandable considering your situation. TBH, if I were in your situation, I would be pissed too. BUT!!!!1!! To say the right does not care is ridiculous and is the kind of extreme comment that
  15. I do not know how they count the unemployed in UK, but the normal Economic definition is someone of working age that is without a job and who is currently looking for a job. That guy you have described would not meet those requirements, so I doubt he is counted in the unemployed. From what I remember, the UK unemployment rate of 8.4, like it was in December, is only about 1% above the average rate of the last 30 years. That is why I did not understand what all the anger was about. It is not like the 5% above average rate the US was facing for a long time. Also, our 5% represents a ton m
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