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  1. Another waste of the time for the UK! to be honest i felt our song was one of the best of the evening i thought Molly would have got top eight at least! Strangest winner ever! Time to pull out of the vision? we've tried almost everything to win! thumbs up if you liked Poland's
  2. Norwich fans are complaining about Hoolahan not celebrating his goal!
  3. Well that second half was like watching paint dry, that exciting first half sucked the life out of the second half. But a massive important win, Norwich oh dear! what can i say they looked like a midtable championship club they looked poor! Anyway well done Villa and Mr Lambert! cracking score!
  4. I think we need to look to take Benteke off, fear he may pick up an injury looks like he's picked up a knock, it would be a great opportunity to bring on Helenuis.
  5. Well Norwich certainly do look poor, they've fell right into our trap. They've came to Villa Park to attack! which is there biggest mistake if you want to stand a chance of getting a result you must look to sit back and frustrate Villa.
  6. That's more like it, I'm still not watching though!
  7. I think Lambert forgets what team he's managing! How about Michael Laudrup guys?
  8. Refuse to watch Villa on tele now, doesn't do my health any good. It's always an embarrassment! So far I'm glad i'm not watching!
  9. I went to watch my non league club yesterday, we got battered 0-5 at home but after the game normally the players come have a drink and a chat with the fans in the club bar, after the game yesterday the players were going round almost everyone and basically saying sorry and said they'll do better next week. Now some of these lads are only £100 a week and some have got work to do in the daytime and some have to work from 8am-4pm and then some of them have to finish work and go straight onto training, even after a hard days work. Anyway my point is they can go around and say there sorry, yet the
  10. I'm Villa till i die, but it's embarrassing to wear you villa colours these days. I only wear my villa shirt when going to a match, I remember use to feel so proud in wearing the famous claret and blue shirt but the last few years its became a joke. When you go out wearing Villa shirt it's like going out in a clown costume everybody is looking at you and laughing at yer.
  11. We don't deserve to be there simply because we don't try hard enough.
  12. I think the only wake up call Lerner is going to get is relegation! In Lambert's defence he's came in and tried to turn things round but it simply boyles down to the fact this mess of a club is to big for him, the only reason he got the job was because he was the best we could get, any good manager simply didn't wanna work for Faulkner and Lerner.
  13. We're just crap, we're that team that always nearly gets relegated! It's a club run by mugs!
  14. Seriously though would you really wanna pay the same price for a season ticket if we were in the championship!?
  15. I'm not saying going and support them, just go on a day when Villa aren't playing. The whole point is we pay nearly £35 to watch a performance like yesterday where instead in the championship or in the lower leagues you can watch a football match a lot cheaper and better. To be honest Villa try and make out there a family club but they still charge horrendous ticket prices and at the moment many Villa fans will say there not getting there money's worth! Only three wins home isn't a great advert for selling season tickets for next season.
  16. I actually do dare some of you to come down Leicester for one game and compare both the atmosphere, football and pricing. Trust me you'll see a major difference!
  17. The atmosphere yesterday was one of the worst i've been to at Villa Park, there was about 32,000 bored, frustrated and depressed Villa fans. The place didn't feel like this since the short McLeish reign, its boyles down to the fact there's nothing to get excited by at the club! The ambition as gone, all Lerner cares about is earning is millions in staying in the premier greed. People criticize MON, but it was clear he knew what was coming and found out all about Lerner. it cost an £100 for me and my two mates yesterday! Villa at home is simply a con!
  18. One thing this Villa team is missing is a striker that can run with the ball and can slam it into the back the net, we've got to many strikers that want to much done for them. We need a Rickie Lambert!
  19. Gabby has never been consistent since he's been here! He can have one cracking performance for one game and you wouldn't see him play like that again till about ten games later. If he wasn't a Villa Fan he would have been gone long ago. I'm sorry but that's the truth, Now and again he can be amazing but most of the time he's pretty useless. I'm very sorry to say that but it's the truth, the same goes for Weimann.
  20. That was pretty crap wasn't it today? Could have lost by more easily, for about 65 minutes of todays match we looked so poor! Going in at half time I felt we were lucky not to have conceded our defending on the wings was poor, we we're allowing West Ham too much space to put a cross in. Second half we couldn't start off so bad! poor defending and goalkeeping let us down for those couple of minutes of madness. Albrighton game on and had a go but alot of team simply looked clueless, West Ham defended pretty well but sometimes we made it looked easy for them. The amount of times we tried to put a
  21. As i said it's all about getting that first early goal! If we can get one then I think we'll be able to score more. It's certain vital we pile there box! If Gabby is fit then we should look to go three upfront.
  22. Villa certainly had an attractive team that season, there was certainly a good mixture of youth and experience in both sides! while now Villa have just got youth while West Ham have jot got experience. Another funny thing to mention is Glenn Roeder at the time was West Ham's manager and now i believe he's currently one of Lambert's scouting staff!
  23. Saturday 2nd March 2002- Aston Villa 2-1 West Ham United was my first visit to Villa Park! Look back at the team we had back then 1: Peter Schmeichel 11: Steve Staunton 15: Gareth Barry 2: Mark Delaney 31: Jlloyd Samuel 4: Olof Melberg 20: Moustapha Hadji 21: Thomas Hitzlsperger 6: George Boateng 22: Darius Vassell 8: Juan Pablo Angel Bench: 12: Peter Enckleman 17: Lee Hendrie 30: Hassan Kachloul 10: Paul Merson 19: Bosko Balaban West Ham Team 1: David James 19: Ian Pearce 3: Nigel Winterburn 30: Sebastian Schemmel 7: Christian Daily 2: Tomas Repka 26:
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