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  1. Not another must win game. Hope more than expectation.
  2. Samatta completed, Kalinic out on loan for season to Toulouse and Kodjia gone.
  3. Lol, Chelsea have stipulated that they will only sell us Giroud if we keep Drinkwater.
  4. Yeah, another must win match. Don't think we'll win, hope for a draw.
  5. Samatta has been in Belgium for over 5 years so could apply for belgian citizenship as a way around the work permit. Personally would prefer Bowen from Hull.
  6. We got our whole recruitment policy wrong in the summer, which is showing now. We all knew we were 1-2 attacking/strikers light when the window was closing.
  7. Will need a work permit, doubtful it will be completed in time for Watford game. He scored this season against Liverpool in cl.
  8. Ally Samatta, striker for Genk, Tanzania international, 27 years old. Apparently on route to Villa for 10m euros. Never heard of him personally, top scorer in Belgium league last season.
  9. DS did an okay job at Brentford nothing more. He led them to 2 or 3 mid table finishes, his predecessor Warburton qualified for the play offs and as you point out they are flying high under his replacement TF. Imo fans got blinkered and fixated on DS in a very similar manner to when Paul Lambert was appointed and that was also a massive mistake.
  10. We certainly will need to be wrong, because DS ain't going anywhere.
  11. My take on the situation now is that we are not going to get the players in required during this window (could you imagine as a player seeing that result and performance and then being asked if you're interested in joining in that shower?). So for me we need a manager who can work with what they have at their disposal. Watford were dead and buried, yet 4 weeks later the same players under a new manager and they are flying and clear of the relegation zone. DS out, but I'm under no illusion we'll stick with him and sadly imo he will take us back down.
  12. What's the consensus regarding DS now?
  13. Larry, Did I expect us to lose?, yes Did I expect us to lose badly?, yes But I was thinking 3-0 not 6-1, we can't accept such an appalling result and performance to be written off as a free hit. Can we?
  14. We've got to have a sense of humour to be a villa fan.
  15. Lol, I twas not being serious about Mr.Murray.
  16. In fairness to Drinkwater he hasn't played for two years, if he couldn't get in Burnleys team to me that says everything. Should take Grealish off protect him from a possible injury. Got to step up our pursuit of Glen Murray.
  17. Anything other than a right kicking will be good.
  18. Tosun in at Palace, does this open the door for Benteke to return?
  19. Very good result, honestly thought we'd lose. All to play for in the second leg.
  20. And a very large slice of luck.
  21. Yes he was at wba, he's for the future is what I've read.
  22. Louie Barry: Aston Villa set to sign Barcelona's 16-year-old striker Last Updated: 07/01/20 4:51pm
  23. Aston Villa hijack Newcastle's Krzysztof Piatek talks with £30m transfer bid
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