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  1. I can but hope. I don't think personally DS would accept the help and view it as undermining him. I've heard mention that JT would replace him, which doesn't exactly enthrall me either. I'am however, confident that if DS does remain in charge we will be relegated and i've thought that since January. He is incapable of fielding a formation or tactics which are effective and his substitutions never seem to come off and make a positive impact on the game. With 18 points to play for and only one point from safety I personally would be sending a taxi to collect 'Big Sam'.
  2. Aston Villa chiefs ‘in talks on Saturday night’ to sack Dean Smith
  3. Freddy, the writing was on the wall way back in January.
  4. Peter Whittingham English footballer and fan favourite Peter Whittingham has passed away at the age of 35. Reports state he was in intensive care after falling down stairs at his home. The winger started his career at boyhood club Aston Villa making 56 appearances in the first team before spending 10 years at Cardiff City. His last team were Blackburn Rovers in 2018. 35 that's no age.
  5. Sacking DS, would be a very good start imo.
  6. Four weeks , just to be on the safe side.
  7. Season should definitely be voided and Villa stay in the PL, its the only way were going to stay up.
  8. Drinkwater On-loan midfielder Danny Drinkwater's future at Aston Villa is in doubt after a training ground incident on Tuesday. Drinkwater was sent home by manager Dean Smith after clashing with team-mate Jota. Apparently he headbutted his team-mate. Just when I think it couldn't become anymore farcical...............
  9. Me neither, but I can hope.
  10. A report in the Telegraph has suggested both Smith and sporting director Jesus Garcia Pitarch could face the axe if they suffer another heavy defeat to Chelsea on Saturday. We've taken a look at what Villa chief executive Christian Purslow has said about Smith, during the manager's stay at Villa Park.
  11. Exactly, he needs to concentrate on the now, not the youth team and a long term vision.
  12. I feel Purslow has questions to answer, DS should have been sacked at the start of January or even before then imo, it's obvious the guy is out of his depth. However I feel Purslow cannot sack the man he gave a new contract to in October as it highlights what a crazy decision this was, reflecting poorly on Purslows decision making. Unfortunately we won't sack DS, therefore we will be relegated and stuck with £140 million worth of sh*t. Whilst Grealish and McGinn move on. Relegation will be an absolute financial nightmare.
  13. 'looking f*****g gormless', yet Villa are reportedly paying him £55,000 a week that's half his weekly wage of £110,000.
  14. What was the plan when we signed Drinkwater?
  15. Don't really know what to say Freddy, we are an absolute shambles. DS should have gone in January, (although I would have sacked him earlier) he is clearly out of his depth. We are doomed, we need fight and desire to get out of this mire, unfortunately these are two qualities this team lack.
  16. DS needs to read the riot act to the players................................AGAIN
  17. Gordon Cowans Legendary Aston Villa player Gordon Cowans has confirmed his diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's disease in a statement. 'Dear friends and supporters,' started Cowans. 'In an attempt to stop speculation and misinformation about my health, I have decided to release the following statement. 'After a series of recent tests, I have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Medication has been prescribed, with some life changes, which I intend to commit to fully, the prognosis is a good one.
  18. Jamie Vardy has gone 10 hours and 41 minutes without a league goal. Ominous, Vardy is expected to be fit for the Villa game.
  19. Results were kind today and Leicester is a hard game away from home. Normally I'd say a point is a good result but we've got to start clocking up some wins, starting now. Need a villa win.
  20. I note that given a run of games Scott Hogan is slamming them in for Brum, why didn't we recall him rather than sign BASTON?, I will never understand that signing. Sums up how woeful DS truly is.
  21. Yeah, but we got Borja BASTON the guy who couldn't get in the Swansea match day squad.
  22. Purslow has not to my knowledge acknowledged the situation we are in, he appears more interested in developing youth players for other teams to reap the benefit.
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