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  1. Can't predict this as Villa are so inconsistent, but without Benteke i can't really find anything to cling to for hope that we could get something from this game. Can't believe i writing this about CP, feels like were going to the Nou camp.
  2. Brilliant win, now let's add some consistency please.
  3. I know I'm quite nervous, surely we can't f!ck this up.
  4. Wtf is happening I can't handle this.
  5. Give PL that new contract NOW. Lol
  6. Simply a must win game, no idea what performance Villa will put in. But I don't feel very confident, recent performances and PL's demeanour don't offer much encouragement.
  7. Freddy, Even if we stay up, which would mainly be due to there being 3 other teams worse than us, you would still have Lamberts lovers saying give him another year another 20-30 million to waste. Some people won't accept PL is not the man for the job, maybe its blind loyalty because they made such a public clamour for him to get the job. McLeish and Houllier certainly weren't any worse than PL yet received zero slack from the fans. PL needs to go, but I'm not expecting anything to change, anytime soon, except possibly the league we play in.
  8. I thought this was foresaw, as part of the 5 year master plan.
  9. Brilliant, I love the fact we think we'll stay up because there are 3 teams worse than us, as opposed to us getting our act together and playing ourselves out of trouble with good attacking football.
  10. Don't forget stability, you need that to so we can see through this 5 year plan.
  11. Understand your sentiment B6, but pl looks bulletproof imo. Rl has made bad appointments previously and I think he's to scared to change, and would rather stick with pl. Also no real unrest being shown by fans to force a decision.
  12. Agree fully, skyba. Just disillusioned at moment, never a pl fan, but also appreciate rl aspect of the bigger problem at villa.
  13. Solid defender, moved on by pl in favour of Clark and baker. Imo Collins is more reliable.
  14. Progress is the key surely? We need to sort this out, how many more times do we have to be losing before we start to play attacking football?
  15. Reminds me more of the oblivion at Alton towers dropping into a black hole. Lol
  16. Understand that completely I see were losing and I can't even get p!ssed off anymore just more of the same old crap pl serves up. Look at pulis at palace to see what can be done with limited resources by a half decent manager.
  17. Terrible result, highlights the inconsistent football pl delivers as manager. Unfortunately we are usually poor and tactically inept as we were again today.
  18. A little premature with this thread me thinks. In a real relegation scrap now.
  19. Big game need the 3 points to keep on track, 2-1 Villa.
  20. SSN reporting Norwich have rejected a transfer request from Wes Hoolahan, lets hope they stick to their guns and keep him.
  21. If Walcott is out they will have to bring Mesut Ozil in instead. That thought has depressed me, being a villa fan is hard, I wonder if it's punishment for something bad I did in a previous life.
  22. Couldn't even begin to predict a scoreline, suffice to say I don't see it ending well for villa sadly.
  23. That sounds past tense, opinion changing?
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