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  1. Great result these are the matches which will define our season.  If we can maintain these performances and results against these teams and get bonus points against the better teams I feel a 10th - 12th place finish is a realistic target.  

    On a side note how good is Mason Mount.

    Superb performance and result tonight.  UTV.  

  2. 2 hours ago, dorset lion said:

    Glad that's done, of all the names we've been linked to he is the one I wanted.

    I really believe we are assembling what could go on to be a very good team in the coming years.

    Who would you like to see villa sign?  If Watkins is our no. 9, I'd like Benrahma and Harry Wilson to provide the chances and additional goals.

  3. 2 hours ago, avstu said:

    I am a big fan of Watkins. Obviously the verdict will be out to see if he can make the Premier League step up but his work rate and pace will help us massively up top.

    Seen a few talk about the £28M fee also. If you compare it to the £29M Leeds have paid for a 29 year old striker who scored 1 goal in La Liga last year, £35M for a young lad Wolves signed who scored one goal in Portugal last year and the £20M (Plus very high wages) Newcastle have paid for Callum Wilson, it just seems to be the going rate for a forward player at present.

    I think the deal for the Arsenal goalkeeper will happen also. I am unclear where this will leave Tom Heaton though.

    It leaves Heaton on the bench.  Martinez is 27/28 not quite sure and I don't want us spending £15-20 for a bench warmer.                                                            From the list of attackers we've been linked with I like Watkins the most as he brings versatility of being able to play across the front 3.                                                            

  4. Absolutely, we seem to be 'penny pinching' unfortunately as the transfer window nears it's end prices will only go up not down.

    If we have identified a player we need to pay the price and get it done, or move on.

    WATKINS & BENRAHMA should have been done weeks ago, if we really are interested in signing them.

    Then the 'need time to gel' excuses will get rolled out..........AGAIN. 

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  5. Tottenham Hotspur are ‘making a dramatic late move’ for Ollie Watkins and ‘fighting hard’ with Aston Villa to sign the Brentford striker, according to The Sun on Sunday (6 September, page 61).

    It is claimed that Brentford have hired an agency to sell last season’s 26-goal Championship top scorer, alerting Tottenham.

  6. Villa have withdrawn their offer for WILSON as he wants to join Newcastle.  Happy with this as he turns 29 this season and doesn't want to join us.

    No point trying to persuade a Bournemouth player with a mediocre scoring record to sign.

    Unless there is a massive turn around in our transfer business this season looks even bleaker than I thought it would be.


  7. Two points dropped by Rangers from a display described on Sportsound as 'toothless'. This is hard for me to judge without having seen the game. I just hope we are not embarking on a repeat of the second half of last Season !




    More same old, same old.

    Until Rangers start taking 3 points from these games consistently we cannot and do not deserve anything.

    We consistently struggle to break down teams who sit deep, IMO this has been a constant problem that SG has failed to solve, and appears unable to solve.


  8. Dimi,


    Fingers crossed you manage to get this deal over the line.

    Steven Fletcher has been offered a one-year contract by Celtic after the 33-year-old striker rejected a new deal with Sheffield Wednesday.

    But no agreement between the player and the Scottish champions has been reached as yet.


  9. I think you should be able to judge a player regardless of the league they play in



    Of course the league matters, how many goals would Cristiano RONALDO score playing in the Belgian league for example, there is obviously a step up in skill required the higher you go.

    That's why not all players make the step up.

    If you are referencing Henrik LARSSON then agreed he was a 'world class' player and he proved that by scoring goals for Barcelona and having a short successful period at Man Utd.

    Leigh GRIFFITHS has scored a lot of goals in the SPFL, but he is not a 'world class' player.


  10. He was a good championship player when at Leeds, which I personally feel is generally a higher level than the majority of SPFL teams (no offence intended just my honest opinion on the standard).

    I believe he will be a significant upgrade for Rangers and hopefully make them less reliant on the hot/cold MORELOS.

    Whilst ITTEN, I am aware of but haven't seen him play to be able to give an opinion.

    As you say I trust SG's judgement as this is a significant investment for Rangers, we cannot afford to get wrong.

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