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  1. Not sure how the Queen keeps the ambitions of politicians in check, I see them as purely a figurehead of times long gone. Nor do I see how they bring stability to Europe, I don't see society unravelling due to the removal of the monarchy. But I would appreciate it if you could explain how the Queen maintains peace in Europe, and politicians in check, as I'm unaware of how they contribute to maintaining the balance. Certainly agree on the house of lords and honour system, but then isn't that just an extension of royalty, an exclusive club where the rich and powerful look after their friends. Archaic and doesn't bear any resemblance to 21st century Britain.
  2. See we do agree, we don't want gabby to get a new contract. Sincerely hope gabby continues to perform consistently to the level shown for 30 minutes today. Then either Villa will be doing well, or another team signs him, win, win imo.
  3. Focusing on the negative of suggestions from SB, gabby could get a new contract, NOT the match. Pleased he scored, pleased he had a good game, certainly due a good game, I can't remember the last one he had, can you?
  4. Unfortunately 1 good 30 minutes a year, hardly equates to a role model for the team, that is there the whole season. But fair play first goal for over a year, and only collecting £60,000 a week for it.
  5. Apparently SB stated Gabby MAY earn a new contract, please NO, don't ruin the day SB. He is still shite.
  7. Would personally pick Hourihane over Bacuna, but hay ho. C'mon Villa, 3 points please.
  8. Lol, don't get the loony lefty tag that is generally associated with being anti-monarchy, what relevance does your political viewpoint have to do with the monarchy? I'm sure they are nice people, and so they should be seeing we pay for their private education. Reference your section on going for a pizza etc, Harry doesn't seem to let that stop him going out for a night partying, especially if he can go dressed as a nazi. i just find the whole bending the knee and all those trappings as belonging to an age long gone, just like removing one's hat when addressing one's better. What utter bollocks. That's just my opinion, and would as previously stated enjoy being educated as to why the monarchy is a necessity in today's world. Now religion that's a whole different matter, but that's for another thread. Would enjoy discussing that with you sometime, Dimitri.
  9. What is your opinion on the Royal family? Personally I'm anti-monarchy, seeing it as an archaic set up, much akin to religion, designed solely for the purpose of keeping the common man firmly under their boot heel. What makes them better than me or anyone else? They are just a continuation of bloodlines and a tradition where the rich and powerful, cheated, murdered and stole to establish their power base, and then set down THEIR laws for their own ends. Which generally involves them get fatter, whilst the poor get thinner. I hear the Royal family is good for us because they bring in tourism, but i would like to know how much revenue they generate versus how much they cost the tax payer? Recently it was reported Buckingham palace is to undergo renovations to the tune of £370 million, when you then consider to name a few, Balmoral, Sandringham, St.James' palace how much do they cost to maintain? Then comes the people themselves like Andrew, Edward and numerous others, what is their function, what do they do? Prince William and Harry were supposed to be in the military, yet i only ever saw them at world cup finals, either football or rugby, or at pool parties in Las Vegas, or borrowing a military helicopter to go visit the fiancée. I don't even want to begin discussing the vacuous offspring of Andrew/Fergie, and others. So from my viewpoint i see them as leeches serving no particular purpose, however I am open minded and would love to be educated on this matter as to why they are an asset, if you are a Royalist.
  10. Sad news to hear of Ugo's passing, remember growing up watching him play for what was a very good Villa team. RIP.
  11. Good to see were finishing the season on a high, 1 point from last 9, step forward the mighty Burton, Reading and Fulham. But its alright its the end of a hard season for the boys, and we only need ANOTHER 2-3 new players in the summer to top up the £60-£70 million we've spent this season on transfer fees alone for this current shower of sh*t. Remove Kodjia and we've got nothing. IMO something radical has to occur over pre-season for this current crop to improve on this seasons dire showing.
  12. Yeah, Piers Morgan is more I hope, REALLY dislike the guy, smary pr*ck imo. There were too many members of the royal family for me to choose from, so they got a pass.
  13. Piers Morgan Simon Cowell LIndsay Lohan Billy Connelly Pete Doherty
  14. Thank you, and you're welcome.
  15. utter shite