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  1. Very good win, needed those 3 points. That was a LONG 90 minutes.
  2. Comfortable win for Newcastle.
  3. Don't know what the answer is, but am suddenly looking at the gap between us and the bottom three, and that is an embarrassment for a club of Villas reputation. But if SB left who comes in? Uncomfortable situation.
  4. Agree with the effort comment Patrick. No villa fan is going to boo the players IF they are showing commitment, however with the squad we have assembled we should be steamrolling 80% of the teams in this league. Getting turned over at home by Ipswich and Barnsley, will never be acceptable.
  5. 20 efforts against Ipswich, 22 tonight, 1 goal. Ridiculous.
  6. Danger, danger we are in deep, deep trouble.
  7. 4 shots on target, 3 goals. What is going on, this is crazy.
  8. Like the line up, with the players available.
  9. Hoping for a Villa win, but seems we can't take any team for granted, even in the championship. Think the s!it might hit the fan tonight, if we lost.
  10. I read that today, and i think Patrick your being a little dramatic. However 22:00hrs tomorrow, i may well be reconsidering, especially with Newcastle up next.
  11. Morph, In fairness the same could be said of SB, achieving promotion with teams like Hull, Birmingham and Wigan, with little money to spend and certainly inferior players at his disposal.
  12. Cheers Freddy, Hopefully Tuesday, is the start of the road back.
  13. Freddy, That's the question, WHAT is wrong with Aston Villa. This malaise certainly hasn't suddenly appeared under SB's management, its been around for 6 years or so now. The proud Villa of old is no more, the Villa of today is a mockery to the great history of our club. On paper Villa should be ripping up the vast majority of teams in this league, unfortunately football isn't played on paper, and our expensive squad of millionaires fail time after time to show the fight, heart and desire required to match, on often what on paper is a far inferior team. Brentford being a prime example, no disrespect intended, BUT they should be privileged to be on the same pitch as Aston Villa, yet like most teams we face, we wilt under their enthusiasm and desire, being outplayed, humiliated and unmanned quite often on national television. And still the same tired and worn out excuses persist. 'This is not acceptable', 'we will be working hard to put this right', 'we will be going back to basics in training'. Talk is cheap, and is so often proven to be the bs we know it to be, when the following match produces the same old problems, and a team who haven't won for 10 games take us to the cleaners, or a youngster scores their first professional goal against us in stoppage time. If i wasn't so dead inside from supporting and caring about Villa i would cry, instead i laugh when as expected we allow the opposition to score in the last two minutes, either to snatch a draw or as is most often the case all three points. I want to be able to detach myself from all this bs and stop caring, but match day comes and i watch again full of false hope, that maybe today is the day, and Villa turn the corner. Unfortunately the corner is nowhere in sight.
  14. That's what's concerning me, we appear to be getting worse. Not even suggesting Bruce get the chop, but we should be setting a platform of intent for next season, which unfortunately at present isn't happening.
  15. I predict SB to quote, 'we need to get back to basics in training'. Turning into a Paul Lambert with the same old, same old after every defeat.