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  1. Aston Villa and Norwich City have reached an agreement for the transfer of Emiliano Buendia. As Emiliano is currently in the Argentina national team’s biosecure bubble, preparing for a World Cup qualifying match with Colombia on Tuesday evening, he will undergo a medical and complete the transfer after the game. Official AVFC site.
  2. The worrying decline in results continue as we appear to be reverting back to the villa of old. Substitutions again made to late, do wish DS would at least blood some of the youth players. Would provide some form of positivity from another defeat.
  3. Positives - Keinan's first PL goal and Wesley back.
  4. Important match today to assess whether DS is the man to take us forward. Clearly recent results have not been good enough and I can't help but ask "are we a one man team?". I think we all have a good idea what the formation and starting eleven will be. Let's see how DS does today.
  5. You are 100% correct and i don't disagree but I dont want to bite more than we can chew. I want gradual improvement instead of too quick and we end up paying for it at a later date. I think West Ham are in a different position to us. We are in our second season back in the EPL, they arent! Hi Stu, Thanks for the response, would you please expand on: I dont want to bite more than we can chew In what context are we biting off more than we can chew, additional games ?(I agree the current squad would need filling out). I feel we have the right people (Purslow,
  6. How bizarre, to not want to qualify for europe. Do we think West Ham fans are hoping and praying their results drop off to avoid the disappointment of having to play AC Milan, Roma, Ajax etc next season? If we qualified for europe would we not look to bring new players in to supplement the current squad to deal with the additional rigors? Doesn't qualification raise Villa's profile around the world, does it not make us a more attractive proposition to players we target, does it not introduce a new revenue stream into the clubs transfer coffers, does it not provide Grealish with
  7. For me the question asked is is DS the man to take us forward?, not has he done a good/decent job so far. I am content with the job DS has done so far remembering he inherited a squad that contained Grealish, McGinn & Abraham (on loan), since then I've read he has spent £240 million ( I have read this and taken this figure at face value). So DS has certainly been given all the assistance a manger can be given by the owners & Purslow to build a team/squad. I do wonder did we over-achieve at the start of the season?, certainly beating Liverpool 7-2 whilst most enjoyable c
  8. As touched on already, DS seems to have an inability to respond during the match. Whether this is tactical or substitutions. Unless DS can show he can adapt I feel the next stage is to get a manager who is more adept at reacting to a match when in progress. Tactical flexibility and ability to change your formation are a must.
  9. Is he any good? Don't know. But let's hope it works out better than Berson, Makoun or Veretout.
  10. Aston Villa have agreed a fee with Marseille for midfielder Morgan Sanson. Villa will pay £14m with the fee potentially rising to £15.5m with add ons. The French midfielder is expected to arrive in Birmingham next week. Sky Sports
  11. MON was a nightmare in that respect lots of signings like Habib Beye and Harewood who hardly played. Then played Cuellar a CB at RB and Luke Young a RB at lb. Ultimately MON fukced us over walking out 5 days before the season started. No winners from it, only losers. A sad way for it to end.
  12. That's more points than celtic will get this season. 😉
  13. Maybe it was us the fans who were jinxing the boys. Either way long may this continue.
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