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  1. Oh dear, normal service resumed, it was good whilst it lasted.
  2. MON was a nightmare in that respect lots of signings like Habib Beye and Harewood who hardly played. Then played Cuellar a CB at RB and Luke Young a RB at lb. Ultimately MON fukced us over walking out 5 days before the season started. No winners from it, only losers. A sad way for it to end.
  3. That's more points than celtic will get this season. 😉
  4. Maybe it was us the fans who were jinxing the boys. Either way long may this continue.
  5. Should have read, What? 😇
  6. Absolutely buzzing Stu, Villa has been a hard slog since MON. Now I feel we could be finally on the up. Lol you say win the league, I'm thinking 28 more points to safety.
  7. What a great weekend, Rangers won as well. Perfick as Pa Larkin's would say.
  8. May I just say I said Barkley was a ' sensational signing ' when the deal was announced. Secondly I find winning Villa far more enjoyable than losing Villa. Brilliant result. UTV
  9. Certainly feeling optimistic we can come away with a point at least. Should be a good test for the season ahead. Honestly can't think of a better midfield 3 in the PL than Luiz, McGinn and Barkley. Starting to dream of a top 8-10 place finish if we can avoid injuries.
  10. 2 goals and 3 assists for Jack, how will Southgate justify starting Mason Mount ahead of Jack for England? Confident he'll find a way.
  11. Exactly, I don't know what to say. Absolutely amazing result.
  12. Very hopeful for a positive result, that being a draw. What a midfield three McGinn, Luiz and Barkley. Amazing. UTV.
  13. Reports building that we are at an advanced stage with the Rashica deal. Werder Bremen left winger.
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