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  1. With yet another golden handshake.
  2. Cheers, always learning.
  3. Dim, What is a Tim?
  4. What Loyal said, plus being a free and democratic country, its citizens have rights enshrined in law. Civil liberties, EHR act. I don't like it anymore than you, however unless you get the MP's to repel those rights that's how it is.
  5. For me he's done very little since MON left, and certainly nothing imo to warrant the fan adoration and the ridiculous contract we rewarded him with. Fatbonlahor for me highlights everything that is wrong with Villa, when Villa really needed him, 2015-2016 season he went completely awol and abandoned his team mates, the club and the fans, because he doesn't give a toss.
  6. Exactly, Loyal I keep hearing people blame immigrants entering the country, but both Manchester and Westminster atrocities have been carried out by British born attackers, what exactly is the government supposed to do with them?
  7. If it's fatbonlahor then that's an excellent start.
  8. Apparently Newcastle and Brighton have been given permission to speak to him, about a loan move.
  9. Not sure about the tiny budget, Keith Wyness has stated he doesn't believe it will stop us signing the 3-4 players SB has identified, it would be dangerous imo to go on record with those sort of comments and then not deliver. I appreciate and am fully aware how the financial fair play works and trust that Villa know, what is required and how to achieve it without breaching the FFP regulations. I too am concerned about the striker situation for the start of the season, but am confident SB will have 'irons in the fire' to remedy this situation. Obviously every season out the epl is now very costly, but as previously stated I do believe we have a chairman who will do everything in his power to support the manager in aiding him in his task of getting Villa promoted, and whilst SB is not personally whom I would have chosen, I cannot fault the logic behind the appointment and hopefully by hook or by crook he will get us back where we belong.
  10. I personally believe if he started the season like RDM, then he will get the chop in the aforementioned 8-10 games. I'm not really a believer in sticking with someone, just because they may eventually get it right. The harsh reality of football is results count, and that's especially true in the championship. Every season Villa are out the epl are size and draw are diluted, whilst clubs whom we were previously on a par with draw further away from us, Spurs/Everton. Not even mentioning the likes of Swansea, West Ham, WBA, Stoke etc who continue to keep enjoying the riches of the epl. However I as usual look forward to a new season, yet again with renewed blind optimism.
  11. Personally having read what Keith Wyness has been saying in regards to next season, anything less than promotion will be unacceptable. Therefore I believe that IF SB was to get off to a poor or disappointing start come November he would be shown the door, Dr. X is very ambitious and if you don't meet his expectations, he will go get someone to do it. And I believe that would happen whether or not the fans were calling for SB to go. Of course this is hypothetical, and hopefully we will be enjoying a LONG overdue season of pride and enjoyment as Villa seal promotion in style.
  12. I like to think i generally am.
  13. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Or something like that, I believe is the saying.
  14. Loyal, 'fingers crossed with Bruce' is, i hope he can achieve with Villa what he has achieved with far smaller teams and resources, and that is to get us promoted. As we both know just because he has achieved promotion with other teams, it does not naturally mean he will get Villa promoted, i struggle to see how you don't understand this. No I was not seriously suggesting we go for Monk at this present moment in time, hence the whistling emoji, just looking for someone to bite. Personally I would never have gone for SB, BUT I agree his track is second to none and in those terms his appointment was an obvious one.
  15. New young breed of manager 'country', hungry and has new ideas, should have been in the running when we went with RDM. However SB it is and fingers crossed he will do what he is known for, getting teams promoted to the epl.