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  1. shed a tear when we lifted that trophy, was emotional 😥 , f**cking Villa fan manager and Villa fan captain . Couldn't be more proud of this club, back where we belong. these few years have felt like a decade
  2. was privileged to be in the eighty two lounge today. Really enjoyed myself. But is it normal to have away fans in there? I had a Norwich couple behind me earlier and they were really taking the p*ss, and I could really sense hostility from a few of our fans . As for the game, we should not be losing that but that said with a few key players rested thought it was a good performance . Pretty sure baggies are shitting themselves . UTV
  3. My old man is rolling in his grave right about now. God bless him. Stan Collymore summed it up on twitter .
  4. "we'll dust ourselves off and go again"
  5. Lambert please f*ck off, McLeish did a better job than you, and I hate the ginger pr*ck
  6. depth? Bannan - best player to palace (again) today Ireland - Playing well for stoke Bent - Scores for Fulham
  7. i can hear the match interview now. * we played well * can't fault the lads * can't fault the effort blah blah blah
  8. Another loss no doubt. Same old sh*t every Christmas
  9. Just about had it with Lambert now. He's had time, he had money and we can't even win at home to crystal f**cking palace
  10. To echo the Mersey derby. 3-3 plus i'm going (first away game in over a year) :wow: UTV. btw sorry aint logged on for donkeys years. been epically busy
  11. Just do what I do, i.e expect us to lose. Then anything other than that is a big bonus. Happy birthday ..in 45 mins time luke
  12. BTW its very good for you. I think it contains Thiamin and some essential vitamens :lolthumb:
  13. Before I go to work I make some marmite sandwiches. My collegues take the p*ss out of me, with there Ham salad baguettes, chess & pickle etc. And theres me with a sandwich with just flora and marmite :D f**cking love the stuff
  14. Yo "Aston Villian" you are so bloody lucky!!!! Quality photos mate, with some legends. I envy you. All I have is a photo with me and Gareth Barry when I bumped into him in Sutton Coldfield a few seasons ago. I will try and find Awesome thread btw :thumbsup:
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