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  1. Beautiful trees in the background
  2. Well for you seagull i think its normal lol revoekat elitsoh eht nigeB
  3. :blink: Wow thats kinda Well strange
  4. Are your sure you bought them or did you nab them off someone so exposed and defence less alone person
  5. Are you sure you didnt offer him cheesy doritos
  6. I always kept A look out for lualua I regard the lad high I would keep him At brighton Newcastle Arent going to give him games IMO I reckon 3-1 Maybe brightons 3rd goal deflected off a defender [if im right then i have victory over Holte] Are you gonna be there seagull
  7. I myself are going to be grabbing myself a long sleep And maybe ill spend saturday night watching a brillant spurs performance a good villa game And ill invest some energy into myself Oh yeah seagull ill keep tabs on brighton this weekend who are they playing and who is a player to look out for
  8. Sorry for bumping But Thank you guys For the words
  9. Doing another Allnighter and then i will ask you guys how to stay up longer with the usuall cheeky Answer from seagull
  10. Do brighton fans have A history of fights im sure they could hold them Hey i thought of something we Are birds And the villa fans Are lions here
  11. Be a proud seagull mate And defend the seagulls name From A gamecock
  12. f*ck you the only thick And thin youve heard is cork in your mouth LOL
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