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  1. We're awful in every way. I don't enjoy watching us anymore, its become a chore. We deserve to go down, we're a pathetic excuse for a premier league team. They can all f*ck off.
  2. I actually think he is one of Norwich's better players and would flourish in a better team.
  3. Only a matter of time before he signs for us. Norwich won't keep an unhappy player. Could turn out to be very shrewd business by us indeed.
  4. I think he'd be an excellent signing for us. He can create things out of nothing and wouldn't command a high wage.
  5. Same old. Pathetic performance. We are a championship team at the moment. My faith in Lambert has extinguished. He needs to go.
  6. I don't buy into the "It was Man Utd so its no big deal we lost." Does it matter who the opposition is? We still couldn't make a simple pass, create a chance, defend properly. We made it really really easy for them yesterday, embarrassingly easy.
  7. We have been no better than we were under McLeish.
  8. That was appalling today. No other word I can use to describe it. I'm fast losing faith in Lambert. Thin Ice.
  9. If England started picking more players like Rickie Lambert, players in form who do it for the shirt instead of the same old failures who couldn't care less they'd do much better.
  10. I don't think we'll win, draw I reckon.
  11. Yeah haven't missed an episode. Absolutely unreal.
  12. Sorry to hear that Roary. Glad you are on the mend and welcome back :)
  13. Ah I remember being obsessed with them around 95, 96, that era :D
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