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  1. Don't say 1 word at half time please Mr Lambert, give the the silent treatment, anything you say is always defend or hoof ball. Stay in your seat and let the lads buzz of this game of football.
  2. Even know we're winning, i'm still pissed off, good effort to get back in the game though.
  3. Why can't we call Moyes and ask if we can get Kawaga on loan? He need game right? We buy Defour and get Quagliarella on loan.. I think we'll be proven top 8 this season
  4. Indeed, but he isn't fully fit yet is he.
  5. I guess that would be the likely line-up if we got Wessy H? I think he'd be a great addition to the squad even know his age, we have the likes of Delph, Westwood who will run all over the pitch, we just need someone to calm down the play and pick the vital passes out. He'd be ok, I'd like more signings in the summer though. Guzan Lowton - Vlaar - Clark - Bertrand Delph - Westwood Weimann - Hoolahan - Gabby Benteke
  6. Few signings I'd like made are... De Bryne, Defour, Kiyotake, Limbombe.... Hell that's a new midfield if we played 4-4-2 haha! I believe they will turn our season around and they will be able to keep Benteke here.. Benteke in front of them with Gabby would just be amazing...
  7. Limbombe is pretty decent player, good dribbler, pure pace on the lad. Ain't sure if his the '#10' we're looking for though, his a winger.
  8. Messi doesn't create possession football though, he is a pure genius in front of goal.. You don't need to have a good team to pass the ball around the field, that's what I don't get, look at Dortmund, who had half of their team before they started winning? Reus is an amazing player..
  9. Tiki-taka futbol please. :sclosedeyes: You don't have to be a great player to pass the ball or a good player to support your team mates and give pride every game. Please make our players watch this video Mr Lambert, and make it happen, goals will come. UTV
  10. Suarez has talent no doubt, but he is a dirty player like what he did at the WC, agasint teams diving / fouling, biting, racism. For that I'd say I don't want Suarez near any of the top teams in Europe, he doesn't deverse to be any of them, he isn't a role model to any young talent or kids. This season he has been on fine form no doubt about that, can he last all season? I don't think so.
  11. We need Leitner and Beister with a new CB, that would sort our problems out.
  12. How can you even compare a winger to a striker based on goals? :S You sure you know about football lol..
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