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  1. The bus stop in the snow joke is hilarious.
  2. Stops loads of messy unnecessary threads, he does it with other people as well.
  3. Ooooookkkkaayyyyyy....This is normal :rolleyes:
  4. Wow, take it easy mate. Glad your back now though :thumbsup: Heads up. :)
  5. razza stated that your clubs have birds as badges where as we have lions. Simple really.
  6. Lions are bigger than birds. Muahahahahahahahahahahaaa ;)
  7. just got a new kp500 because my old one was overheating and was on the verge of blowing up...now my new one is too :what:
  8. raza, you still got skills mate haha. My second week at college has just gone yesterday...pretty epic actually :thumbsup:
  9. can't stand it! err! the thought of it makes me sick :rolleyes:
  10. just watched the queen vic burn in eastenders...lol
  11. what exactly are you doing at night? lol
  12. lol! surprised they found their way to the stage!
  13. i cringed so much it's untrue. Made Birmingham look like the intelligent place it is... :whistling:
  14. haha yeah well i have a veyron super super sport. HAH! :thumbsup: nice, always liked the mondeo, looks the part.
  15. what about me? i own both of them...and a veyron :whistling:
  16. true, but it' better looking and ...what a way to go, on flames in a 458...dayum son! :lolthumb:
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